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Last night the unflappable Andi and I had quite the email flurry going on.  There was an emergency in SpouseBUZZ-land and we were at the center of the storm.

Let me preface this by saying that at Air Force Guy's new job there is no outgoing email access and no phone access for anything short of loss of life or limb.  Quite simply - there is no way to get a hold of the man unless someone is dying or perhaps if nuclear war breaks out.  Perhaps.  I'm not sure if they consider that an emergency. 

So when I got a call from his former Headquarters stating that there was a problem with the paperwork getting him into the reserves - a problem that had to be resolved by midnight, I had to go into "Pushy Military Wife" mode to get things done.  Because there was no one else to do it. 

As usual.

Here was the problem - a miscommunication in dates had led AFG to believe that he could take his new Oath on Saturday.  We had it all lined up - a friend of ours who had served in Afghanistan with hubby was coming down.  We were going to take him and his lovely wife out to dinner after.  It would all be pleasant and low key.

Um, right.  Like anything we ever do is pleasant and low key.  I don't even know what low key would be.  Would low key be ONLY finding out that the back of your dress has been stuck in your pantyhose all evening?  Or would it be that your child who suddenly announces illness waits until you get outside the restaurant to barf?

Anyway, we didn't make it to Saturday.  At about 4:30 I got a call telling me that without the oath TONIGHT, hubby would have a break in service and all the lovely paperwork that entails.  And, of course, I would have to take a break from writing for SpouseBUZZ until it was all figured out and I was officially a military spouse again.  You know - for honesty's sake.

The poor MSGT who called - I peppered the man with questions until it was quite possible he thought I was getting information for some kind of nasty complaint.  Which I wasn't - I just had to organize this thing in time.  And we just moved.  And we don't know anyone here who can administer hubby's oath. 

I was just short of throwing myself on the mercy of a blind phone call to Belvoir begging for a Major or higher - anyone with a DOR before 1SEP07.  And then I noticed that Andi was online...

Have you ever met one of those people who seems to be able to get anything done?  No matter how big or small, they can pull it off?  You've got questions/they've got answers kind of thing?  Yes, I'm sure you've figured out that Andi is one of those people by now.  I don't know what I would do without her.

A quick email to Andi verified that, yes - although her husband was on the phone she was sure he could do the oath when he got off.  Thank God!  The relief was flowing!

So we sat down to wait for Mr. Andi, because we just wouldn't be Air Force Family if we didn't interrupt someone when they were doing something of vital career importance.  Or off saving the world.  We like to interrupt when people are off saving the world from imminent danger, too.

Meanwhile, Andi and I are having a grand ol' time emailing back and forth, with her taking this opportunity to test out her new i-phone.  I do think Andi had the world's record for oldest cell-phone in continuous use before getting her new one.  I think she had been using one of those late 80's/early 90's models with the giant handset and six inch long antennae.  I've also heard from reliable sources that the Smithsonian had actually offered her a good amount of money if they could snag her previous model phone for one of their "early technology" exhibits.

Anyway, Mr. Andi got off the phone and had some bad news for us... We don't have a fax machine.  So while he technically could administer AFG's oath, there was paperwork he could not get to us.  But never to fear!  The Andi family was on the case!  And luckily Mr. Andi knew just the guy who could administer an oath, lived in close proximity to us,  and wasn't averse to having us over at 9 pm at night for an emergency Oath taking.

Just as Mr. Andi was working out the details and I was headed upstairs to get my kids out of bed and ready to go, we got a call stemming from a message I had left with one of hubby's former bosses earlier.  They had found someone, too.  He was in the area TDY and was already headed over to our house.  Stand by for his phone call.

Now I had to call Andi again - Mr. Andi was on the phone arranging something for us and someone else was headed over.  I'm sure this would end a civilian friendship in a heartbeat - "What?  You put me through all that and now you don't want to accept my help?  PshAW!  Off with you!"  Fortunately, Andi is very understanding as to the vagaries of military life - that it is always either feast or famine.  Gracefully she asked me if I was SURE that this was taken care of, because she understood the time line and didn't want us to have another surprise.  Assuring me that I could call back if something unexpected came up (and it ALWAYS does), I got off the phone just as my doorbell rang.

Now I have someone I've never met in my filthy-from-dinner house, while I'm in my pajamas and my hair in a Samurai top-knot, so that AFG can take his oath in PT's.  I wish I could share pictures, I really do.

And here I have to add something - I've seen my husband take his oath three times (this being the fourth - I wasn't present for all the events).  No matter the circumstances, when he takes that oath it is a very emotional thing.  There is none of that "just get it over with" kind of attitude - it is stand at attention and mean it time.  Very, very cool.  And very, very moving.

But it wasn't solved yet.  After the quick oath (and a longer sigh of relief), and with effusive thanks and a bag of cookies to go; we said good-bye to the good natured military family member who stopped by to help us out.  As we closed the door and sat down, AFG perused the signed paperwork... and suddenly stopped dead.  AFG had transposed two numbers in his social.

The man was out the door like a shot, chasing down the poor guy who had just dropped by.  Luckily he was just backing out of one of the visitor spaces and hubby was able to catch him.  He came back in, we printed off another form with the CORRECT information, he signed it and left again.  For good this time.

And I think it's over.  Unless there's a problem with the attachment we sent ahead.  Stay tuned... 


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