Guilty Pleasures


I confess that I'm in kind of a funk right now.  Not helpful considering the things I'm committed to doing this month.  Not helpful at all but I think everyone has those days, right?

I have guilty pleasures that get me through the troubles...Lancelot is continually shocked at what I will watch at these times.

Gilmore Girls.  Well, I have that show on right now.   Wicked funny and muy sarcastic but most importantly, it's about people who support each other.  They fight with each other, don't misunderstand me, but their support comes from mostly unconventional places.  Kind of like us milspouses. 

The Real Housewives of Orange County  I love this show because I can mock these people.  I'm sorry...they have real problems?  I don't think so.  I would love to see someone like Gbear with even a quarter of their money.  Just think of what she could accomplish with that kind of cake.

The Hills   Okay, same idea as "The Real Housewives" except the younger, more hip, less botoxy crowd.  I can still mock them though...their idea of a real problem is who they ought to "hook up with" on party night.  I also think that Spencer is a snake and Brody is a dog but never mind about that for now.  Someone like this deserves our attention and our respect more.  A lot more.

All in all, Ben Stein is right.  Our heroes are not found on tv.  Some of our heroes are found right here at Spousebuzz in the comments section, doing things that Lori from Orange County and Lauren from the Hills couldn't even fathom.  Our heroes are deployed servicemembers like this guy or this guy or your husband or your boyfriend.  They are all heroes. 

When the worst imaginable thing happens, Lori and Lauren would be curled up in the fetal position and whimpering.  Not this gal..not even close to what she and her mother in law ended up doing.  Without a doubt, these ladies are heroes too.

I guess the point of this post is that, while I do watch tv for escape, I do not suspend my disbelief.  It is there.  I know who the real heroes are in this world...I just marvel at what others consider newsworthy or noteworthy.    Irony...have a cupfull and then celebrate your own strengths.  You are heroes to me.


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