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If you missed last night's show, you missed a fantastic show, but you can still listen by clicking here. Our mystery guests were wonderful! Sidney DeMello, co-founder of To the Fallen Records, joined us to talk about how she and her partner, Sean Gilfillan, developed their record label. Also joining us was one of their featured artists, a Marine named Cliff Hudson (below).



I'm going to ask you to do two things here. First, grab a tissue and go to Cliff Hudson's MySpace page. Listen to his beautiful song, Send My Love, a song which was written for Cliff's wife, Ashley, while he was in Ramadi. Tell your friends about the song and help make this song a favorite for military spouses everywhere. As I understand it, the song will be available for purchase at TTFR's site when the rock/country CD is released. It's no longer available for sell at Cliff's site. The beauty of this song, for me, is that it focuses on both the wife (then girlfriend) who was left behind, and the Marine who left her. Beautiful, beautiful song. When I played the song on the show, the chat room froze. After it was played, the chatter began again and I saw messages like, I have chills. My eyes are full of tears. WOW! 

Wow is right!

Next, we need to raise awareness for To the Fallen Records, the record label which will soon feature Cliff's song on their new CD.

To the Fallen Records is a record label which exclusively features military artists. They have already released their first CD, which is a Hip Hop CD. You can find the CD in your local AAFES or MCX stores, or you can order it straight from TTFR's site. They will be releasing a rock and country CD on December 1.


When I received an email from TTRF, I went straight to their site and listened to the work of some of their artists. I was hooked, and not just on the music, but on the concept.

To The Fallen Records exclusively showcases military artists and their music as a strictly non-partisan entity, as our tagline states, "it's not about politics, it's about music." The purposes behind the label are to provide American citizens insight into the men and women that serve their country and to give American service members an outlet for expression. Through powerful lyrics military artists tell the world about their lives in a way that few have heard.

The tattoo on Sean's back, which paid tribute to the men he lost while in Iraq, became the inspiration for the logo of TTFR. In fact, it is their logo.


The military community is our community, and owe it to our community to promote products and businesses which do things that recognize and respect our lives, and the sacrifices of our families. TTFR showcases our voices. Unfiltered and raw. As Sidney told us last night, one thing we can do is to call our AAFES and MCX stores and let them know we want this record label in our stores. While you have them on the line, you might also want to let them know that you'd like to see them book these musicians for CD signings in AAFES and MCX stores. Another thing we can do is to buy the music and show how much we appreciate the troops who are making this music. Let's make this happen.

Please tell your friends about TTFR and Cliff Hudson. I always feel good about spending my dollars on people and products that are military friendly. I'm determined to have Cliff's song reach as many military spouses as possible because we can all relate to the lyrics and it's just a beautiful song. 

I want to thank Sidney and Cliff for joining us last night. It was a great show, they were great guests and they are doing great work on behalf of the military community. Cliff and Sidney were gracious as I put them on the spot about SpouseBUZZ LIVE Ft. Bragg/Pope. What did they say? You'll have to listen to the show to find out.

Thanks also to all of you who were in the chat room last night. It was really busy and we had a lot of fun in there.

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