Driver License Dilemmas


I have no idea what the official line is - but the need to find out when I am supposed to transfer my driver's license just jumped out and bit me this week!  I lost my driver's license!

....or thought I had, actually misplaced is a better term.  I eventually found it - scared the children as I ranted, raved, and tore apart the apartment we are living in while my son recuperates! - but found the license.  See, I'm in MN where my son's surgeon is, we are stationed in OH, my car is registered in VA and my license is from TX, where my parent's live and I hope to retire.

Recently, a wise and knowledgeable friend told me I was probably not technically following the letter of the law on when to change licenses.  I've kept it in TX because it's easy for me to dream about going home when we retire.  Then I don't have to get it replaced with every move.  But now I have my doubts.  Do I need to turn it in and get an OH license?  Can I keep my TX license from my home state?  Giving it up would truly be a shame - it's a good picture! 

Can't I just keep the one with the good photo - it's not expired?  I really do plan to move there someday.  The bummer for me, when I thought my license was lost and I was thrown into the pit of despair, was how I was going to get it replaced - would I have to fly to TX?  Where would the cost of THAT ticket come from?  Wasn't looking forward to explaining the need for said ticket to the spouse either!  If I was licensed in OH, it would be easier (when I get back home) to handle such a miserable situation.  But since I'm over 40 and have only lost the license one other time in my life (found it again that time too), what are the odds of me needing this??????

So, do any of you know what my legal responsibility is as a military spouse for driver's license stuff in the states we so frequently move in and out of???????

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