Happy Easter to All!


Happy Easter and Passover season to all our SpouseBuzz readers!

This year, Air Force Family celebrated as always... at the base chapel.  And before you can hunt for eggs on base, you have to get some calisthenics done.  Luckily, we had a volunteer in uniform.


And there was nothing so simple as running to the Egg Field to be done.  Nope, they were bunny hopping...


And finally, they got to dash for eggs filled with glorious chocolate!


Like most base chapels, the active duty personnel on our base rotate in and out fairly frequently.  In fact, the army base we attend chapel on is supporting a huge number of activated reservists.  The continuity of our chapel and its programs is directly attributable the the retired military families who keep everything running. 

I don't think anyone can emphasize enough that all of us in the military, either active duty, family members, or retired from service; we are all family.  In a very real way we leave our biological families upon entering the service, but we get a huge wonderful family that is spread all over the world. 

I can't thank those retirees enough, those  who continue to serve by working hard to make sure that military families are taken care of and remembered, and that we have "family" holiday gatherings to make memories with every year.

My children already discuss their memories of military family holidays.  I know they will remember them fondly forever.

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