Government and You E-News - February 27, 2007


Topics in This Week's News Include:

1. Marines Take Care of Their Own

2. Military Spouses to Benefit from Free Career Coaching and Assistance

3. Army Families First Casualty Call Center Marks One Year Anniversary

4. New Veteran Centers on the Horizon

5. "Military Saves" Week Kicks Off

6. Patriotic Photo Contest

7. Marine Corps Assessment of Deployment Readiness Survey

Here's the News!!!

1. Marines Take Care of Their Own: GeneralJames Conway, Commandant of the Marine Corps, is putting this mottointo action with the new Wounded Warrior Regiment. This new unit whichis still in the planning stages has evolved from the success of thewounded warrior barracks at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina and CampPendleton, California.

The mission of the new unit is to provide wounded Marines theadministrative structure to make sure they receive all needed medicalcare, before and after their discharge from service. The unit will havea headquarters in the National Capitol Region and a battalion on boththe east and west coasts. Conway discussed the new unit at a recentMarine Corps Association luncheon. During his remarks he admitted thatthe Marine Corps has lost track of some wounded Marines. By standing upthe Wounded Warrior Regiment, the Marine Corps will have a structure toensure that Marines do not slip through the cracks.

NMFA applauds the efforts of the Marine Corps to ensure that ourwounded warriors and their families receive the care and attention theydeserve. (Source: Marine Corps Times 12 February 2007)

2. Military Spouses to Benefit from Free Career Coaching and Assistance:The Military Spouse Career Center recently added a free service that issure to be a popular resource for military spouses seeking employmentor career counseling. Spouse Employment Assessment, Career Coaching andAssistance (SEACA) will be provided free of charge by IMPACT group, aSt. Louis-based global career management firm, and recognized leader incareer management services. Military spouses worldwide will be able totake advantage of professional, certified, on-demand career coaches whowill assist spouses identify and work towards employment and careeraspirations.

Certified Career Coaches will aid spouses on:

  • Career self assessment
  • Goal setting
  • Resume / cover letter & application development
  • Identification of opportunities
  • Interviewing
  • Negotiating
  • Career Mobility

To receive this free expert assistance military spouses shouldcontact the Spouse Employment Assessment, Coaching and AssistanceProgram (SEACA) at:1-800-768-3480 or visit: www.military.com/spouse for more information. (Source: http://www.military.com/spouse/cf/0,,cf_SEACA_013007,00.html)

3. Army Families First Casualty Call Center Marks One Year Anniversary:The Army Families First Casualty Call Center (FFCCC) enters its secondyear of assisting families of fallen Soldiers by providing one-on-onesupport.  During its first year, FFCCC helped more than 3,000 familiesreceive benefits, referrals for support services, and directing familymembers to resources.  The comprehensive program was established toserve the spouses, children, parents and extended family who have losta loved one and provide long-term support and advocacy in the monthsand years following a loss.  FFCCC provides support 24 hours a day,seven days a week.  The Support Coordinators, former militarypersonnel, not only take calls from family members but also reach outto beneficiaries who are eligible for benefits.  Part of the Army'sCasualty and Mortuary Affairs Operations Center (CMAOC), FFCCC mostrecently notified families about their eligibility and assisted over athousand beneficiaries with applying for enhanced death benefits madepossible by the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.  Forinformation on this and other benefits please contact FFCCC toll-free(866) 272-5841 or by visiting the Center online at    http://www.armyfamiliesfirst.army.mil/

4. New Veteran Centers on the Horizon:The Department of Veterans Affairs announced 23 new vet centers to openthroughout the country in the next two years. These community-basedcenters provide returning war veterans readjustment, mental health andemployment counseling along with education, family and outreachservices. The centers are often staffed by former combat veterans.These additional centers will place these valuable resourcesgeographically closer to veterans allowing them quicker access to care.The program was established in 1979 by Congress to allow eligibleveterans, and survivors to receive free care at these Vet Centers.Services to veterans' families are also available as long as theproblem is military-related.

Six new centers are scheduled to open in 2007 with the remaining vetcenters scheduled for completion by 2009. The new centers will belocated in various cities/towns in AL, AR, CA, CO FL, GA, KS, LA, MA,MI, NH, NM, NY, OH, PA, TX and WA. There are currently 209 vet centersin all 50 states and U.S. territories.(Source: http://www1.va.gov/opa/pressrel/docs/vet_ctrs_expand.doc).

5. "Military Saves" Week Kicks Off:  MilitarySaves week was kicked off with a "Moneywise in the Military" event heldat MCRD San Diego on February 24. The Moneywise events are being heldat various installations throughout the country. Throughout this weekinstallations are holding information fairs and registration events forthe ongoing "Military Saves" program. The Pentagon will host aninformation fair all week, February 26th through March 2nd with avariety of organizations providing educational materials to Pentagonpersonnel.

"Military Saves" is a social marketing campaign to encouragemilitary members and their families to get out of debt and save money.The motto is "Build wealth, not debt". This program is one of manyinitiatives DoD has partnered with to improve financial literacythroughout the military. NMFA is proud to be a member of the MilitarySaves National Partners Committee and a DoD partner for financialliteracy. For more information on the "Military Saves" program, visitthe website at http://militarysaves.org/default.asp.

6. Patriotic Photo Contest:Military Family Network Community Connections is partnering with FlagsAcross the Nation to sponsor a Patriotic Photo Contest. Eligibility isopen to everyone. The desired themes of the photographs are Military,Patriotism, Freedom, Americana scenes of landscape, and images of theAmerican Flag.  Photos must be mailed by March 19th, 2007 and onesubmission is allowed per person. First place winner receives $300 andall winners receive an American Flag. Thirteen entries will be selectedand sewn onto the Flags Across the Nation Patriotic quilt to be part ofthe traveling Flags of Freedom Patriotic Traveling Exhibit.  For moreinformation visit: http://www.iloveamericaday.org/ and http://www.flagsacrossthenation.org/. (Source: http://www.emilitary.org/)

7. Marine Corps Assessment of Deployment Readiness Survey:Beginning February 26th Marines and their spouses have the opportunityto tell Headquarters Marine Corps their opinions with regard to thedeployment readiness of Marines and their families. This confidential,on-line survey will gather feedback on the effectiveness, quality andsatisfaction with the Key Volunteer Network Program, the LifestylesInsights Networking Knowledge and Skills (LINKS) program, and theSpouses' Learning Series (SLS) workshops.

To access the survey visit www.usmc-mccs.org/surveysbetween February 26th and April 1st. The survey consists of multiplechoice questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. For moreinformation contact your local Marine Corps Family Team Buildingdirector or the survey project officer, Nancie Sullivan, at (703)784-9517, or e-mail Nancie.Sullivan@usmc.mil

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