Homeschooling Military Families

Our family is a homeschooling military family.  Homeschooling within the military community continues to grow, just as it does nationwide and worldwide.

If you are a homeschooling military family, some of the below information might be of interest to you.

The below information (this particular magazine and newsletter) is generally directed towards Christian homeschoolers, however, even if you are more secular, you will still be able to find some information that will pertain to you or help you as a military homeschooler.

The Homeschool Magazine November Military Newsletter includes information on:

Also, Coming up in the Winter print issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine! 

-We'll talk about the history and current status of the homeschooling movement featuring a summary of research on homeschooling by Dr. Brian Ray, a roundtable discussion about public schools and the history of compulsory education. We'll also have stories of the early days from homeschooling pioneers. -Our special conventions and support groups section will include articles on how homeschoolers can benefit from them as well as how-to articles about starting and organizing support groups and much more. -Our military theme will embrace everything from a firsthand account of homeschooling as a military family and a military-themed geography study to classes at the National Museum of the US Air Force, the American Revolutionary War, and the art of Benjamin West. -We'll look beyond homeschooling in the United States to homeschooling in the United Kingdom and New Zealand, including an interview with New Zealand homeschool leaders.-The Natural Schoolhouse will round things out with a look at natural cleaners you can make with simple ingredients and happy hunting on the homestead!

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