Fairweather Friends


Medwife said something in the For Better or Worse comments section that hit home with me: "Anyway, I am starting to find out who my REAL friends are now....about 3 mos into this deployment."  Ain't that the truth...

This upcoming deployment has made me think a lot about the last deployment, and the people who were there for me weren't really the people I had expected.  My maid of honor, my best friend for years, didn't email or call me once when my husband deployed.  What a sock in the gut.  But support came from friends I had had sporadic contact with over the years.  My high school boyfriend's sister -- if you can follow that lineage -- sent me funny cards and letters about once a month to make sure someone was looking out for me.  Other bloggers (Hi, Toni!) kept my mailbox packed with postcards.  The people I thought would care the most about my well-being disappeared from my life, and new friendships were formed and strengthened over that year.

We all hate deployments, but I'll be darned if they don't teach us some valuable life lessons.

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