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Getting Ready for that Fall/Winter Baby

Baby in a basket

You are in the final stretch of your pregnancy and the weather is changing, you can feel the crisp fall in the air. While bringing baby home may be secondary to the actual birthing event, it’s still a great time to plan and prepare for your new bundle of joys arrival into your warm arms but the cold weather. We know the basics of bringing home baby checklist, such as diapers, car seats and onesies, but there a few items that are essential to making you and baby feel at ease during the long cold months to follow.


Receiving blankets may not be sufficient enough to keep baby protected and warm. Fleece blankets are great to ensure that your baby is insulated while retaining heat.

Mittens and Hats:

A cozy knit or jersey cap will protect your little one from the wind and the chilly temperatures. Get a pair of matching mittens so all those fingers will be protected from the elements and looking trendy and super adorable.

Footie sleepwear:

Bundling a baby is not safe at night and may cause overheating. A footed sleeper will allow your baby to stay warm and comfy when the temperature drops and those covers are kicked off during their slumber.


The cold air will zap the moisture from your home when the heat is on full blast and will wreak havoc on your little ones skin. To combat dry skin, use a humidifier in babies’ room. Ensure that the humidifier is not too close to your infants crib.


Even in the colder months, your infant’s skin is very sensitive to UV light and can burn easily. It’s important that everyone not just baby wear a high spectrum (UVA/UVB) with a SPF of at least a 15 every time you leave the house.

Car Seat Cover and extra blankets:

Keep your baby warm when traveling by having a few extra toasty warm blankets in the car. Your little one may need an added layer, especially if you need time to get the heater going.

Breast Pump:

You want to give your baby a great head start on nutrition and fighting off those winter colds and sniffles, and it’s a well-known consensus that breast milk for the first six months is crucial for building up immune systems. Utilizing a breast pump is beneficial for storing your milk when you are unable to nurse.

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As your excitement for the crisp fall evenings and the quiet soft snowfall about to take over the weather, there is no better time to create a list and have all your supplies ready to go when your new addition arrives.

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