Completing Your Capstone Form

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Introducing's new Transition app. Our new app gives you a personalized transition plan, tells you what to expect while transitioning, and even helps you find a job. The app is customizable for all Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, and spouses. Download it today from Google Play or iTunes.

The DD2958 is an Individual Transition Plan Checklist (ITP checklist) called the Capstone. You will complete the form during your Transition Assistance Program (TAP) briefing to ensure you actually were provided the training.. The documents will be submitted to your command and eventually used to prove to Congress that you were given the required Transition Assistance before getting out of the military.

The form ensures you are told about the many benefits you are entitled to, from VA benefits to special priority at Job Centers. It also ensures you are counseled about financial, and personal/family needs.

To see a copy of the form, please visit DoD's website. You will be given the actual form during your transition program.


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