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An attendee looks at Child and Youth Services flyers during the Benelux Employment and Career Expo Sept. 5, 2019, on SHAPE, Belgium. (DoD Photo)

The Defense Department's (DoD) official Transition Assistance Program (TAP) offers transitioning service members a path for successfully moving from military to civilian life. A major part of that is understanding what, specifically, you're going to do after your last day in uniform, and how to successfully do it. Will you go to school? Get a job? Start a business?

To help you find success in whatever track you take when you leave, TAP has you select at least one of its two-day specialized courses operated by the Department of Labor (DOL), the DoD and the Small Business Administration (SBA). What you choose is dependent on your own personal interests. Here are your options.

DOL Employment Track. This two-day course supplements the one-day class all service members must attend as part of their TAP progress. Troops who are hoping to enter the workforce will appreciate this track's concentrated focus on not just DOL employment benefits, but the nuts and bolts of job hunting. This course will also help you complete your resume.

DOL Vocational Course. Not sure what you want to do when you leave the military or what career is right for you? If a technical vocation could be the right choice, this two-day track will help you pick a career path that aligns with your skills, interests and abilities. Experts will also help you locate a technical school if you need one.

DoD Education Track. Planning to go back to school after leaving? Thanks to the Post-9/11 GI Bill, you have the funding to make it happen. But picking a school and degree path can be hard for even the most focused student, and campus life can be a real culture shock for those used to the structure of the military. This track will walk you through picking a school, preparing for the application process and getting ready to attend your degree program.

SBA Entrepreneur Course. If self-employment or starting a veteran-owned small business or nonprofit is your dream, this course will help you get ready. The SBA will connect attendees with the tools, information and resources they need to get started as an entrepreneur.

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