TAP Pre-Separation Briefing: What to Expect

A Transition Assistance Program class is conducted at the Military and Family Support Center, Joint Base Andrews, Md.
A Transition Assistance Program class is conducted at the Military and Family Support Center, Joint Base Andrews, Md. (Senior Airman Steele C. G. Britton/U.S. Air Force photo)

What can you expect when you transition out of the military? Offered in five parts, the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) is designed to help you and your family get ready for civilian life.

Just what is included in this program and how it is delivered is a matter of both law and set by policy. The Defense Department and -- for the Coast Guard -- the Department of Homeland Security were ordered by Congress to give transitioning service members a revamped program starting in late 2019.

The second of the five TAP steps is the pre-separation briefing. Like the first step, the initial counseling, step two is required in most cases to be completed no later than 365 days from your final out date.

The briefing is just that -- a classroom setting briefing. Officials also encourage military spouses to attend the briefing, although the ability to do so is determined on a space-available basis. If you designated a caregiver during your step one initial counseling, your caregiver is permitted to attend with you as a priority or, in some cases, may attend on your behalf.

The pre-separation briefing is a complete rundown of your transition and veteran benefits, including education assistance, using your post-9/11 GI Bill, employment help and medical benefits. You'll also be given information about financial planning, VA home loans, mental health support and creating a transition plan.

The briefing includes information from the Defense Department, the Department of Labor and the Department of Veterans Affairs.


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