Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 3 of 4

Result: Minor Confederate Victory

Longstreet's I Corps marches east and assaults Union positions on Culp's Hill and along the east bank of Rock Creek. Union defenses along the southern edge of Culp's Hill are weak and the hill falls to Confederate forces after fierce fighting.

As Confederate forces attempt to take Rock Creek Bridge and the Baltimore Pike, Union forces rush into the area and launch intense counterattacks. Heavy fighting rages near the bridge for hours as both sides attempt to take possession of this key area. Union forces are eventually able to check the Confederate breakthrough and prevent complete envelopment. (Continued below map)

However, Confederate forces now occupy all of the high ground in the north and have taken the southern edge of Rock Creek bridge.

Both sides have suffered enormous casualties. The flanks of the Union army have held against repeated assaults but the fate of the battle is still not decided. As night falls, the final reinforcements of both armies continue to stream into the battlefield for the final, decisive day.