Gettysburg Battle Simulator

Decision 3 of 4

Result: Minor Confederate Defeat

Longstreet's I Corps marches and countermarches to avoid Union observation until finally, the attack begins in the afternoon. Union General Sickles' III Corps is shattered in the Peach Orchard. Seeing the deteriorating situation, General Warren of the Union V Corps moves his men into position to defend the high ground of the Round Tops.

Rebel troops assault both hilltops ferociously and swing some troops even further south along the Taneytown road. After intense fighting among the rocks and trees throughout the day and evening, no Confederate breakthrough occurs but the Union right has been pushed back severely and their forces are in a precarious situation. (Continued below map)

In the vicinity of Cemetery Hill, Confederate forces under General Ewell attempt to storm Union fortifications on Culp's Hill. Prepared Union positions and heavy artillery support beat back the waves of attacks and forestall any further rebel gains in the area.

Both sides have suffered enormous casualties. The flanks of the Union army have held but the battle is not yet decided. As night falls, the final reinforcements of both armies continue to stream into the battlefield for the final, decisive day.