Gettysburg Battle Simulator


The First Day of Battle: How Will You Use Your Reinforcements?

It is noon on July 1, 1863.

Confederate and Union forces have accidentally collided near the small Pennsylvania town of Gettysburg as the Southern soliders went looking for shoes.

During the morning, Confederate forces slammed into Union cavalry and infantry reinforcements in the west and pushed them backwards with both sides taking heavy losses. However, an entire corps of Confederate forces, over 20,000 men under Richard Ewell, are moving rapidly south towards Gettysburg and are threatening to overwhelm the Union right flank and thus hitting the Union forces from both sides.

You have two choices. Do you:

Choice #1:
Immediately smash the Union forces deployed to the north and press rapidly southward into the town, perhaps enabling an attack behind the western-most Union forces.

Choice #2:
Delay the attack of your northern forces to allow them time to move eastward and get even further behind the Union lines. However, this maneuver will split your forces and take 2-3 extra hours to execute.


Strike the Union forces immediately and push south aggressively.



Delay battle to get further behind the Union right flank.