Veterans Can Look Beyond the GI Bill


Have you been out of the service for more than 15 years? Were you able to use your GI Bill benefits before time ran out? If not you are not alone. More than 40 percent of all GI Bill eligible veterans miss out on using their benefits. In most cases it is simply because time ran out. Most veterans think this means they can't afford to go back to school. You might be surprised to know that the GI Bill is only one of hundreds of programs to help veterans afford a college degree.

Your other options include scholarships, veterans discounts, state veteran education and job training programs, vocational rehabilitation, and federal student aid, loans and grants.

The following links will help you find the benefits and student aid programs that can help you reach your goals even if you have lost your GI Bill eligibility. To learn more about your specific education benefits check out the following related links:

Education is essential for your career, don't let the lack of GI Bill benefits stop you from reaching your education and career goals. Most colleges and universities have Veterans Centers to help you access benefits from all sources.

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