The Coast Guard Foundation

U.S. Coast Guard photo
U.S. Coast Guard photo

Each year the Coast Guard Foundation raises $8 million in support of its mission. The Foundation strives to help 47,000 Coast Guard men and women strengthen their service to our nation by encouraging them to excel in all areas, on duty and off. The Foundation supports numerous programs and projects through donations from individuals, corporations and through grants and special fundraising events. For example, the Foundation provides $300,000 annually in educational grants to enlisted personnel working towards their college degree.

In addition, the Foundation manages endowments supporting academic, athletic and leadership excellence for cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy; offers financial relief to Coast Guard Families who lose their possessions in natural disasters; provides college scholarships to dependents of enlisted personnel; funds recreational and family-oriented facilities; and supports educational and morale programs at bases, and on cutters throughout the country. The Foundation has directly impacted thousands of Coast Guard families in its 39 years of existence.

Learn more about the Coast Guard Foundation at their website.

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