The Air Force's "Virtual Education Center" Online TA Request

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The advantages of this new system are that there are no lines, the forms are simple and intuitive, and you can complete the entire process without having to drive to your local education center. In addition, it increases efficiency by allowing you to track and manage your TA requests and account directly through your AFVEC logon.

Before you can access the online TA request process, you must create a user name and password on the AFVEC. This can be done through the Air Force Portal at

There are six steps to completing your online application. As you progress through the steps there will be checkmark on the form that indicates that you have successfully completed the step and can proceed.

Step One - Select Reason for Request

Enrollment Reason options are available for the Air Force to better determine why you choose to utilize TA for off-duty education. Please select the reason that best identifies why you are using TA. Definitions of each of the four options are available to help you make a selection.

Step Two - Select the School Name (Civilian Institution)

Select the school or civilian institution that you will be attending from the list provided. If the school you wish to attend is not available in the list, you must report to the your base education office to obtain the TA form.

Step Three - Enter Term Dates

Enter the beginning and end dates for the term you will be taking. Please note that term dates are inclusive dates of a specific term and do not necessarily represent the exact start date for your specific course (i.e., term starts on Monday, Jan 10, but your course does not start until Wednesday, Jan 12). The dates must be exact or the TA will be disapproved.

Step Four - Enter the Course Information

Enter the course information by either selecting from a preloaded course catalog or by manually entering the course information. If you try to enter a course and find that it is not in the database, you will be required to enter the information manually. You can get this information by viewing your institution's student handbook or website.

Note: If your local education center is maintaining a current course catalog and the term dates you have selected match, then a list of courses will appear in a pop up window. Select the course you are enrolling for by clicking on the course number hyperlink. The Course Data Form will either automatically be populated based on a course you selected in the catalog.

Continue to add courses to the form until you have added all courses that you will be taking for that SCHOOL and TERM. (Remember, HQ ACC recommends only one course in an 8 or 12 week semester, two courses in a 16 week semester).

Note: If you attend school at multiple locations or attending multiple schools, you must use multiple TA forms (i.e., one for on-base, one for off-base).

Step Five - Enter the Registration Fees

Select the registration fees from the drop down list. These fees are only paid by the Air Force if payment of these fees is MANDATORY as a condition of enrollment. Enter each fee type and cost separately.

Step Six - Verify TA Information and Submit Request

Verify that all of the TA information on the form is correct. Be careful to note school, term and course information to ensure that the information provided is accurate. Use the back buttons to correct any errors.

If AFVEC finds that TA cannot cover some or all of the tuition, you will be notified and given the option to elect the "VA Top-up" GI Bill option. Follow the Top-Up link to verify your eligibility. You may use this option to supplement any cost not covered by TA if you are GI Bill qualified. Lastly, make sure your email address is updated! This is the address where all communications between you and the education office will occur. You must use your military account unless you do not have one.

Be sure to read each of the conditions and certifications. You must agree to all conditions and certifications by checking them off prior to submitting your application for approval. Once you have agreed to all conditions and certifications, enter your full name and  "MY AFVEC"  password to submit.

Your application will be submitted to your local education center for final approval/disapproval. Do not factor this TA into defraying tuition costs until you receive final approval from the education center.

Any TA requests that are not authorized by your supervisor will be auto-disapproved at midnight of the term start date. It is important that you stay involved with your supervisor to ensure requests are reviewed prior to term start date to avoid being auto-disapproved. For more information, contact your base education office.

After your request is approved

  • You will receive notification of approved TA form.
  • The approved TA form will have both the approval official's and your digitally signed signatures.
  • You MUST send a copy of the approved TA form to your school

You will be unable to apply online for TA if the following applies to you:

  • Missing grades over 60 days from course end date.
  • Suspense dates that have expired.
  • Missing personal data in the education record including: Phone, DOS, DOB, Unit, Office Symbol, Mailing Address, Email Address, base, and Education Level.
  • Requesting TA for courses that start more than 30 days into the future.
  • Requesting TA for courses that have already started.
  • Requesting TA for lower level courses which are less than highest ed level awarded.
  • No degree plan in records.
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