Scholarships for Injured Veterans

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The Louis H. Schilt Memorial Scholarship program offers an excellent opportunity for injured veterans or their spouses to get their start in a graphic design or Web design career. Sessions College awards scholarships in the Louis H. Schilt Memorial Scholarship program in the winter, spring, and fall. Students selected for the program will receive:


The Louis H. Schilt Memorial Scholarship is open to physically or mentally wounded U.S. veterans or spouses of injured veterans. The scholarship is intended to benefit servicemembers who have undergone a life-changing experience as a result of a physical or mental injury. A life-changing experience is one that prevents you from returning to the life you knew, and challenges you to redefine yourself.

Candidates will apply for the scholarship by writing a personal statement about their service experience and injury and a creative essay. Both written components will be judged by the scholarship awards committee. Candidates will need to submit copies of injury documentation (physical or mental) and must be over 18 years old and able to provide evidence of attaining a high school diploma, GED, or college degree.

Applicants will be selected based on evidence presented in their personal statement and their creative essay. Additional consideration will be given to ability to benefit based on prior academic achievement. Awards are made without regard to financial status, race, creed, religious preference, or sex.

Application Deadlines: January 15, July 15

For more information visit Sessions' website. Questions about the program should be directed to

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