Navy College Offices Ensure Sailors Succeed

A history professor for the Navy College Program for Afloat College Education, gives an American history lecture to sailors aboard the guided-missile destroyer USS Arleigh Burke. U.S. Navy

The Navy College program forms a network of professional Education Services Specialists, Education Technicians, and Guidance Counselors located at 11 installations OUTCONUS. All locations INCONUS have been replaced by the Virtual Education Center (VEC) which offers the same services either over the phone or via the internet.

The Virtual Education Center (VEC) serves as the Navy College Program's central location for all off-duty voluntary education programs and services. It provides easy access to and "one-stop shopping" for all of the Navy's voluntary education policies and procedures. When located remotely from a supporting Navy College Office (NCO), the VEC should be your primary point of contact. 

The VEC call center is open 0700-1900 Eastern time Monday-Friday, and is staffed by academic advisors, ready to fill your requests and answer questions about all components of the Navy College Program. Click here for more information.


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