Coast Guard Tuition Assistance

Coast Guard Tuition Assistance assists eligible personnel in their professional development by providing funding for off-duty voluntary education courses to broaden their academic or Coast Guard technical background.

Current Payment Rates

The maximum amount paid for tuition assistance: 75% Tuition

Not to exceed:

  • $250 @ Semester Credit Hour, or
  • $166.67 @ Quarter Credit Hour, and
  • $4,000 @ Fiscal Year

Application Process

The management of TA is centralized at the USCG Institute through a consolidated tuition assistance processing system managed by the U.S. Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center (NETPDTC) in Pensacola, Florida.

The Coast Guard Institute approves the TA Application (CG-4147) , inputs data into the Navy's computer database, and issues the TA Authorization form (CGI-1560).

The applicant then takes the CGI-1560 to the academic institution during registration; the institution bills the Navy (NETPDTC) for payment of the government's share of tuition assistance.

The Fine Print

  • Tuition assistance is not authorized for use to meet unit specific operational training requirements.
  • Eligibility and benefits are standardized service wide for Coast Guard active duty and reserve on active duty for more than 180 days.
  • TA will be authorized "up-front" for traditional college coursework for courses less than 18 weeks in length. Courses may be resident or remote.
  • There is no limitation on the use of TA when a member is receiving "financial aide" such as a student loan, Sallie Mae, Stafford loan, etc.
  • All courses must be taken from a nationally or regionally accredited institution, resulting in college credit or accredited clock or contact hours.
  • TA is not authorized for reimbursement for books.
  • Developmental courses may be authorized if required by the institution prior to taking a freshman level course. Many colleges require a developmental course in Math, English and reading if the applicant has been out of school for several years. Applicants should note that these courses (usually numbered starting with zero "0" as the first digit) are not transferable.

TA does not cover the following expenses:

  • Application, entrance or enrollment fees
  • Record-maintenance fees
  • Student activity fees/ Student ID
  • Course registration fees
  • Textbooks, manuals
  • Non-consumable materials
  • Assembled items available commercially such as computers, televisions, robots
  • Fees for flight time, flying lessons, or noncredit aviation classes
  • Parking fee
  • Cost of tools, protective or other equipment that becomes the property of the student
  • Certification courses and tests, or licenses.
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