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Air Force Tuition Assistance (MilTA) pays up to 100% of tuition for taking college courses while on active duty.


The Air Force Tuition Assistance program will pay 100% of your tuition not to exceed:

  • $250 per semester credit hour.
  • $166.66 per quarter hour, or
  • $4,500 maximum per fiscal year

Application Process

You must apply for TA online using the Air Force Virtual Education Center. This must be done through the Air Force Portal at There are six steps to completing the AFVEC online MilTA process.

The Fine Print

AF policy requires you to create a goal and upload a degree plan via the AFVEC website prior to requesting MilTA (use Tutorials on AFVEC site). A generic degree/academic plan can be used for up to 6 semester hours until you have an evaluated degree plan.

  1. You must request MilTA before class starts, maximum of 45 days prior to and minimum 7 days prior to class start date.
  2. Your supervisor must electronically approve all MilTA requests (allow time for this).
  3. If you withdraw from a course you must notify the school AND the Education Center immediately.
  4. If you fail a course, you must reimburse the full amount of tuition paid.
  5. If military duties prevent you from attending class you can apply for a waiver of reimbursement.
  6. You must submit a letter explaining the reasons for withdrawing from the course(s) signed by your Squadron Commander.
  7. You are responsible for ensuring that your education record reflects your official grade within 30 days after the class ends.
  8. You are allowed 15 Semester Hours (5 classes) to establish a GPA; you must maintain 2.0 for undergraduate degrees, 3.0 for graduate degrees, to continue using TA.
  9. TA is not authorized for courses leading to a lateral or lower level degree than you already possess (i.e. Second Associate's or Bachelor's degree).

CCAF Exception

  • MilTA will not be given for courses leading to the same or lower degree level than one you may have had before entering the Air Force
  • Airmen who have a CCAF degree are not eligible to use MilTA for an associate’s degree but may pursue a subsequent CCAF degree.
  • Officers who have completed an AF-sponsored master’s degree cannot use MilTA.
  • You are no longer required to obtain your supervisor's signature on your MilTA form; however, you are expected to discuss your schedule with your supervisor to ensure that participation has his/her support.

Additional Information

If you have to pay back any tuition assistance money due to a failing grade it must be in a lump sum - no payment plan. 

If you get a grade of incomplete from a school, you have as much time as the school allows you to clear the incomplete or 12 months from the end of the term, whichever comes first, to clear the incomplete. If you fail to provide a grade that clears the incomplete by that time, you must pay back any tuition assistance to the AF.

You must pay for books & non-reimbursable fees.

If Tuition Assistance doesn't cover all the costs of your courses you may be able to use your GI Bill to make up the difference. See our GI Bill Tuition Assistance Top Up page for details.

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