Navy Advanced Education Voucher Program

(Photo: U.S. Navy.)
(Photo: U.S. Navy.)

The Navy is accepting application packages, for the Advanced Education Voucher (AEV) Program, which pays senior enlisted members to participate in a master's degree program.

The AEV Program offers advanced education opportunities and provides financial assistance to senior enlisted personnel (E7-E9) to complete post-secondary, Navy-relevant degrees, in designated areas of study through off-duty education. It can offer up to $20,000 reimbursement per year, with up to $40,000 total reimbursement per sailor.

Applicants must have a bachelor's degree and only Navy-relevant master's degrees will be considered.

AEV Program Requirements

The program is open to "Proven superior performers who demonstrate potential for continued upward mobility" and includes:

  • E7 with no more than 17 years time in service (TIS)
  • E8 with no more than 19 years TIS
  • E9 with no more than 23 years TIS

TIS for all pay grades is computed to Oct. 1 of the application year.

Applicants should be transferring to, or currently on shore duty with sufficient time ashore to complete a master's degree program. Applicants on sea duty may apply provided they submit an education plan that shows the ability to complete the degree program as specified above.

Additionally, senior enlisted who have already invested in their professional development by pursuing college education and are currently enrolled in a qualifying post-secondary degree program using tuition assistance (TA) or other financial assistance programs are eligible to apply for the AEV program. Reimbursement for any educational expenses incurred prior to participation in AEV is not authorized and AEV and TA benefits may not be combined.

AEV is not authorized for courses used to earn an additional degree at the same or lower education level. Lower division or prerequisite courses may be authorized if the courses are part of a Sailor's degree program and are listed on their approved education plan.

Upon completion of, or withdrawal from, education for which any authorized expenses were paid, participants shall agree to remain on active-duty for a period equal to three times the number of months of education completed or three years, whichever is less. If a program participant fails to complete the period of active-duty specified in the agreement, such member will reimburse the United States for the cost of the advanced education received, prorated for the obligated time served.

Only Navy-relevant bachelor's degrees will be considered and examples are as follows:

  • Emergency and Disaster Management
  • Human Resources
  • Project Management
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Systems Analysis
  • Information Technology
  • Homeland Defense and Security
  • Leadership and Management
  • Business Administration
  • Education and Training Management

Degree programs other than those listed above must be validated as a Navy-relevant degree by the AEV point of contact.

For More Information

Application format and additional information can be found at

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