The Most Read Stories This Week on -- May 25, 2018

Cmdr. Tammy Royal. Navy photo
Cmdr. Tammy Royal. Navy photo

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Navy Fires Commanding Officer of Amphibious Warship

The Navy fired the commanding officer of the USS Harpers Ferry (LSD 49) on Thursday, the fourth senior officer from San Diego-based amphibious warships to be relieved of duty over the past year.

By Carl Prine, the San Diego Union-Tribune | Read more


New Niger Ambush Video: US Survivors Left Messages for Loved Ones

They were pinned down in a wooded area next to a swamp last Oct. 4 in Niger, expecting to be overrun. They had destroyed their radios to prevent their capture by the enemy, and left final messages for loved ones on personal devices.

By Richard Sisk | Read more


Famed Mini-Sub's Control Room Acquired by Naval Museum

The U.S. Naval Undersea Museum at Keyport has a new addition to its archives -- the salvaged control room of the one-of-a-kind miniature submersible, NR-1.

By Julianne Stanford, The Associated Press | Read more


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