Facebook Wants You to PCS With This Tool

(Courtesy of Facebook)
(Courtesy of Facebook)

Officials with Facebook who help with their military community and veteran outreach want to make sure you know about their jobs board tool -- and they are hoping it will make PCS season just a little easier.

Presented this week at an event at Fort Bragg, North Carolina run in partnership with Blue Star Families, the tool is especially friendly for job hunters looking for that part time, fill the gaps employment, said Payton Iheme, a Lt. Col in the Army National Guard and director of Facebook's public policy team.

"This space of veterans is a passion project for the company," she said in an interview with Military.com after the Fort Bragg event. "We were like, 'we have this tool, how can we use it with military veterans and spouses?'"

Iheme said during his sit down with spouses at Bragg last year, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg heard over and over just how difficult the career world is for military spouses. And while many spouses really are looking for long term careers, sometimes they do just want a job to fill the gaps.

That's where the social media giant's tool steps in. With hyper local listings, Iheme said it can help make that PCS process just a little easier by helping them nail down a gig on a platform which they are already using.

Of course, Facebook isn't the only jobs tool out there with a special focus on the military community. Monster, Military.com's parent company, offers an extensive jobs and careers center, for example.

But it nice to know that, especially in the midst of the crazy PCS season, there are more options, not less.

Check out Facebook's job boards here and Monster's here.

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