Tricare Overseas Benefits

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If you are stationed or live overseas you may be eligible for different Tricare programs than people stationed INCONUS. There are Tricare programs available overseas for service members, guard members, reservists, dependents, and retirees. Depending on your status you may be eligible for:

Tricare for Active Duty Service Members

  • Tricare Prime Overseas - Tricare Prime Overseas is similar to the Tricare Prime program offered stateside, including cost-shares and deductibles. The program serves Active Duty members, activated reserve & guard members, and their command sponsored dependents.
  • Tricare Prime Remote Overseas - Tricare Prime Remote Overseas is a Tricare Prime option offered in designated remote overseas locations for active duty service members and their families. The program is similar to Tricare Prime Overseas but you will receive most, if not all of your care from foreign providers.

Active duty members pay no enrollment fees for Tricare Prime.

Tricare for Reserve & Guard Members

  • Tricare Reserve Select - The Tricare Reserve Select program is a premium based health insurance plan that is available worldwide. It is available for qualified members of the Selected Reserve and their families.

Tricare for Dependents

In addition to the programs listed above, dependents living overseas are eligible for:

  • Tricare Select Overseas - Tricare Standard Overseas is similar to the Tricare Select program offered stateside, including cost-shares and deductibles. Active duty family members living overseas with their sponsors, who have relocated with service sponsored/funded orders, may choose Tricare Select Overseas.
  • Tricare Young Adult - Tricare Young Adult is an option for unmarried, adult children who have "aged out" of regular Tricare coverage.

Tricare for Retirees

  • Tricare Retired Reserve - Retired Reserve Component members and their family members are eligible for the Tricare Retired Reserve plan until they reach age 60.
  • Tricare For Life -  Medicare does not provide coverage outside the United States or U.S. territories . Therefore, Tricare For Life is your primary payer for health care received in all other overseas locations.

Dental Benefits

  • Tricare Active Duty Dental Program - The Tricare Active Duty Dental Programs available for either active duty members who are referred for care by a military dental treatment facility to the civilian dental community or have a duty location and residence more than 50 miles from a military dental treatment facility.
  • Tricare Dental Program - The Tricare Dental Plan is a voluntary dental insurance program. The dental benefit is available to eligible active duty family members, eligible National Guard and Reserve members and their family members
  • Retiree Dental Program - Retirees and their dependents can get dental care using the Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employees Dental and Vision Insurance Program (FEDVIP).

Pharmacy Benefits

  • Tricare Pharmacy Program - The Tricare Pharmacy Program provides the prescription drugs you need, when you need them, in a safe, easy, and cost-effective manner.

Vision Benefits

  • Tricare Vision Benefits - Tricare offers limited vision benefits depending on your beneficiary status and what type of coverage you have. Medically necessary vision benefits are available under all Tricare plans. Most dependents and retirees are also eligible for vision insurance through the FEDVIP program. Some veterans may also be eligible for vision benefits from the VA. 

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