Vietnam Vets Reunited After 44 Years

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Four soldiers who survived the jungles of Vietnam were reunited for the first time in more than 40 years this week. Read full story at

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  1. -Soldat-
    -Soldat- May 02, 2014


    DEANEGILMOUR May 03, 2014

    Great happening. I found it interesting taht the video stated that even though comrades in the same squad, they only knew each other by nicknames. perfectly true of a lot of Viet vets. YET the VA boards will call you a liar if you cannot name the person(s) who knew of your injuries when all you knew was thier common nickname. Just like one buddy, a Fleet Marine Corpsman, at Hue Phu Bai only known as "RED" when he died in an LZ trying to load a wounded Marine into a medivac

  3. 27563208
    27563208 May 04, 2014

    In Vietnam you didn't want to get too close to the guys that you were serving with. If all they had was a nickname, and died, they were dead. But if they had a name, they were a person that you knew, and might want to know when and if you get back. And it is harder to drop it when a friend dies, rather than a nickname. My first friend died in boot camp, and I will never forget him. That is where you get your first bonding of friendship, and you think that all of you will live forever.

  4. 27769193
    27769193 Nov 08, 2014

    my name is Larry e appleby i have been looking for a good friend,that i served with for 45 years his name is DENNIS WAYN CRAIG. The last i heard he lived in az.we served in FORD LEANARDWOOD MI, I:VE LOOK EVERY WARE I'm loosing my health , but would really like too see him my address is 229nd 2nd Ave Oxford Junction IA 52323 563-826-2702

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