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With the Superbowl almost here, now is a great time to pay tribute to some men who excelled both on the battlefield and the gridiron.

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  1. curries103
    curries103 Feb 03, 2016

    What about Chad Henning?

  2. scoutsout1980
    scoutsout1980 Feb 03, 2016

    Good call curries...I agree

  3. 27563208
    27563208 Feb 09, 2016

    With Rocky Blier's injuries, he could have gotten disability from his service time, but he wanted to play football more. So he overcame his pain, and played.

  4. 33714190
    33714190 Aug 09, 2016

    Special mention should be given to BOB KELSO, formerly of the Buffalo Bills, the only NFL player KIA in Vietnam.

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