PTSD Through the Years

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Since the start of organized warfare, the individual fighter has been forced to deal with the psychological effects of trauma experienced on the battlefield. This short video looks at how our understanding of PTSD has evolved over the years.

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  1. Keeper_of_Horses
    Keeper_of_Horses Oct 07, 2015

    Actually PTSD was called the "shakes" back as far as Sparta. When such happened to a Startan hopilite. he was removed from the ranks to recover before being allowed to go back into his ranks

  2. 27563208
    27563208 Oct 08, 2015

    The biggest problem for the Vietnam veteran, was the fact that he had no world to come home to, America reviled the vets, and the VA refused to treat him. In other wars, the vets came home and were treated as heroes for putting their lives on the line for this country. But after Nam, there was no world to fit into because the world did not want him. And so his ills became worse in all parts of his body. And now today, people complain about how much is spent on the VA budget to help all of these vets. So now, after over 45 years, these vets are still not welcomed home as they should be.

  3. 19851293
    19851293 Oct 08, 2015

    There are techniques that can release those with PTSD. Imagine a life free from those effects. The challenge is once gone is the loss of disability payments or potential for payments. Procedure is a simple 4 step process. The hard part is getting the word out.

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