Vietnam War: Changing War 1969-70

Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.
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Vietnam War: Changing War 1969-1970,

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  1. 30570075
    30570075 Apr 19, 2013

    right on

  2. 36683006
    36683006 Feb 14, 2018

    I am a Vietnam veteran 1967 to 1968 my tour over there was not pretty picture left lot of my marine partner over there kIA, it was war me being a Marine could had the that war over it three day man power we had it was have been less KIA and wouned service man and women I made threw Vietnam war what happen agent orange got it while fight war over in Vietnam. all couldn't been void it let fight this the way want it, like guys and women on war we did not win. I thank the one did service there like myself of outstanding job fighting for our country United States. GOD BLESS ALL

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