'Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial

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"Cycle ride from Tomichi Creek off of Highway 50 near Gunnison, CO up to the Continental Divide, where we found this war memorial tucked away in seclusion. You won't find it on any maps. An old local at the Tomichi Trading Post said the Park Rangers keep it off maps...the story is that a Vietnam Vet somehow used a chopper to sneak the pieces in. If anyone knows the true story, I'd love to hear it." Some additional info can be found at http://neighbors.denverpost.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=17636 - To see on Google Maps go to: http://goo.gl/maps/RQFjA

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  1. 28101493
    28101493 Jan 18, 2014

    "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?", Vietnamese Proverb I Google-translated this and got "Who sky is not present?" or "Who can not face sky" (slightly different spelling of "bao"... What are we missing? Any better translation out there?

  2. 28101493
    28101493 Jan 20, 2014

    FMI: Does anyone have the Lat/Long (GPS) coords for this site? I want to walk this mesa!!!

  3. bulldurham48
    bulldurham48 Jan 24, 2014

    This is amazing. Some really cares and remembers. Who ever it is Gd Bless him/them. Now just pray that some fool doesn;t try to move or destroy it.

  4. ukielp
    ukielp Jan 28, 2014


  5. ukielp
    ukielp Jan 28, 2014


  6. 26355890
    26355890 Jan 28, 2014

    maybe that those of us that have been to war understand without comment.

  7. 7200441
    7200441 Jan 29, 2014

    Thanks for posting this. The 20th Indian Division was the division used by the allies to disarm Japanese troops left in Indochina after World War 2 ended. It looks like a WWII monument. Really amazing though.

  8. Chockblock
    Chockblock Jan 29, 2014

    Nice. I Love Mysteries. Who ever place it there THANKS for doing it.

  9. 32090752
    32090752 Jan 29, 2014

    keep it sacred LAOS

  10. WJB
    WJB Jan 30, 2014

    How many times have you scratched a note to or initials of your fallen buddies? My grateful thanks to the Park Rangers for their handling of this now, hallowed ground. If you ever need us..(and you know what I mean) put the word out..we've got your backs. To the creators and founders, My Brothers, THANK YOU and God Bless you. Semper Fidelis

  11. gunner312
    gunner312 Jan 31, 2014

    Now this is interesting. Whoever erected it. Thanks. Semper Fidelis. Viet-Nam, 1964/65/66/71/72

  12. Robert_Norwood
    Robert_Norwood Feb 05, 2014

    It's really strange, so far out there and alone. Guess that says something.

  13. Malakie
    Malakie Feb 05, 2014

    And 10,000 years from now people will be still trying to figure out what they are, where they came from and why.. kind of like the pyramids and other places today we do not have any clue about.. Pretty cool...

  14. 32114215
    32114215 Feb 08, 2014

    Great..... Rangers have kept it private for a reason. They can't always be around.... Now you have given the name of it and possible GPS Location and NOW if asked they must reveal it!!! Awesome site and Great to see it but Please don't give the name of locations etc like this in the future. Someone will no doubt find it now and vandalize it cuz that is what the idiots of today do. :(

  15. Safetyguy61
    Safetyguy61 Mar 04, 2014

    Soldiers do not fight for country, apple pie, or mom. They fight to support each other. A soldier knows his comrades will never lie to him.

  16. CasualtyReporter
    CasualtyReporter Apr 08, 2014

    Thank you for posting. Peace to all my brothers and sisters who served with me in Vietnam. Semper Fi

  17. egidley
    egidley Apr 09, 2014

    Quite remarkable and beautiful in its starkness. Brings a tear. Ed Gidley, Vietnam 1967-1968

  18. 7690218
    7690218 Apr 09, 2014

    Being a Australian having entertained troops in Vietnam and having friends in the US I have been asked about this memorial, sadly I cannot add anymore than what in known. Having visited the Wall in DC you can reach out and touch the names as I wrote to a friend, this is a very sacred place where you can be alone and those that you have lost and who can reach out to you. The wind, trees and grass gives the place a serenity I cannot put into words. I would give anything to be there at the first dusting of snow alone with my thoughts, so silent the air around me, remembering. Such a beautiful place. Vale

  19. 31432403
    31432403 Apr 12, 2014

    Wonderful! The site rates the veneration of the Nation. If you go, leave it as pristine as it should be. Thanks for sharing. Semper Fi RVN 1st MarDiv Jan 67- Mar 68; Jun 70- May 71

  20. 32289159
    32289159 Apr 13, 2014

    I was in the first marine C- company Danang Vietnam 1970, we were on a hill near Hyvon pass and I saw a lot of grave markers on the side of the Hill, a old Gunny told us that the French were there in a battle. he said they were facing France. I never forgot the calm that over came me when I saw all the Grave markers. Sgt.Lasick U.S.M.C. The vietnam War is always with me. i keep it to myself until I see a monument like this. The news media worked against us in Vietnam and I feel sorry for those who believed Them! and the real story is in the hearts of those who served.

  21. 32294870
    32294870 Apr 15, 2014

    I believe the man who made this memorial was named Stu Beckley. I would love to work with his family to get all the facts and get a plaque put with the memorial -- although Mr. Beckley did not want publicity for his work.

  22. 32297640
    32297640 Apr 17, 2014

    In memory: Maj George J Pollin USAF 29 Apr 67 NVN P-18E/L-116 Co Pilot Col Loren Torkelson(dec) POW 29 Apr 67 Lest we forget

  23. 13831418
    13831418 Apr 17, 2014

    It is a great symbolic and historical find---tracking back in time the events of Indo-China and the horror of wars. May all of us that experienced the VN war remember those of all nations that fell for freedom. TRM

  24. 30605460
    30605460 Apr 18, 2014

    Thank you !!!! Ted April 10 1965 I will see this before I die an be with our Brothers Semper Fi Ted

  25. Sword100
    Sword100 Apr 20, 2014

    If you really want to see a great memorial to the dead of Vietnam, go to Angel Fire, NM. It was started as a memorial by a doctor to his Marine son killed in VN. It is a beautiful memorial and was built well before the one in DC. I think it is more meaningful than the DC memorial. Once Dr. Westphal built it, people started leaving pictures of their sons who had been killed. It represents the outstretched wings of an Angel and it overlooks the valley. I believe DAV took over the memorial when Dr. Westphal became to old to take care of it. I wish the DC memorial had used it as it's model, but politics became the driver.

  26. fgw04
    fgw04 Apr 21, 2014

    Thank you for posting this, so that other's will always remember.

  27. 32311393
    32311393 Apr 23, 2014

    I love this. Don't know much about it but what the money left means. It's always nice to see a coin left on my loved ones graves when visiting. A coin left on a headstone or at the grave site is meant as a message to the deceased soldier's family that someone else has visited the grave to pay respect. Leaving a penny at the grave means simply that you visited. A nickel indicates that you & the deceased trained at boot camp together,while a dime means you served with him in some capacity. By leaving a quarter at the grave, you are telling the family that you were with the solider when he was killed.

  28. 21253277
    21253277 Apr 23, 2014

    Bless those who cared enough about the sacrifice of all soldiers to give them a place for them to be remembered. 1st Lt. Daniel D. Jordan U.S.Army RVN 67'-68'.

  29. 32323325
    32323325 Apr 24, 2014

    A wonderful thing to know and a great thing to see. Someone really cares. Its to bad that the boys in D.C. don't give a dam about us veterans. We spill our blood and are willing to die for this country but DC. don't really care about us. We are on our own brothers and sisters. There is one thing for sure we have each other.

    DEANEGILMOUR Apr 25, 2014

    The dates start with the French going back in 46 and on through the end. Appears to be a memorial to all nations troops who fought and died in that war. I was there in I-Corps 3/66-6/67, 1st MAW, MATTC-68 and still don't know what happened to many I knew there or even the true names of some I knew who died there, since we went by nicknames more than not. Making good friends was secondary to making close comrades. RIP my fellow vets. The world may not truely know what we tried to do there but I won't believe what we did was in vane. Must try to see and walk this awesome yet mysterious memorial before these old bones can't anymore. Thank God the park rangers keep it secluded for posterity and those who know. Semper Fi Brothers. May we all meet again at St Pete's gates.

  31. 32345951
    32345951 Apr 25, 2014

    I love it. I am a former south Vienamese Air Force chopper pilot.

  32. dancoyne
    dancoyne Apr 26, 2014

    Thank you. Will head out there after RFTW.

  33. c5ron
    c5ron Apr 26, 2014

    Thank You to whomever did this, I think it is Awesome! A lot of time and work went into this and hardly anyone even knows this is there! Thanx Again & God Bless!

  34. 32359802
    32359802 Apr 26, 2014

    Thank you for doing that memorial for Vietnam veterans. "Ai bao troi khong co mat" mean "Who says God doesn't have eyes" or "Who says God isn't present" In Vetnamese,the word "mat" with different accents have different meanings as above. And the word "troi" means God, not the sky. Lan Jones

  35. 32361723
    32361723 Apr 26, 2014

    Absolutely awesome! To whoever placed it there, "GOD BLESS'. Hope all noticed the reference to, Luke 19:40 on the stone marked Cambodia, "I tell you", he replied, "if they keep quiet the stones will talk". Allshouse, 5th SFG, Vietnam, 64/66/67

  36. 32368552
    32368552 Apr 28, 2014

    "Ai bao Troi khong co mat", Vietnamese Proverb. It literally translates:"Who said God doesn't have eyes". Thank you who ever created this memorial. It is a great way to remember the sacrifice of our fallen heroes.

  37. 32368762
    32368762 Apr 28, 2014

    I will send this only to veterans I know to hopefully keep this with us to prevent or deter anyone who would vandalize this wonderful "private" memorial to all of us Viet Nam veterans............HOOOO RAAAA !!!!

  38. 32368762
    32368762 Apr 28, 2014

    What a beautiful place befitting a Memorial to a haunting war we weren't allowed to win........... Larry K., HHC, 184th Ord Bn, Qui Nhon, 1966

  39. 32369611
    32369611 Apr 28, 2014

    Vietnam Pride is silent. We are gratful that people remembers and say "Thank you for your service", but I always add a comment : "I made it home, 58,272 (depending on how you count the KIA) did not make it home". I worked on deployment of troops and their ammunition at the US Army Procurement & Supply Agency Joliet Illinois. I volunteered for a PCS one year tour in Vietnam as a Dept of Army Civilian June 19, 1968 thru June 19, 1959. Know as Tour 365. I traveled from Long Binh Army post to Army ammo ASP, FSA, and depots from Don Tam and nVung Tau in the Delta to Tai NJinh over byu Cambodia, to Qui Nhon, Pleiku and Kontum in the highlands,Cam Ran Bay, Bam Me,Tout Hill 63, Camp Evans, to the Dmz at Danang, Quang Tri, Hue Bhu Bai (Ancient Walled City)and Donh Ha destroyed by RPG direct fire ( 2 EOD men killed trying to put a road thru the ASP. I was shot at in a Hewy going from Long Binh to Tai Ninh ASP near Cambodia and 50 to 100 rocket and mortar attacks . You lose count after a while! We had 50,000 US Troops at Long Binh and Colonel Gorge Patton Jr, who led his battalion of Sheridan Tanks with 152 Guns firing new combustionable ammo at the VC in a Sunday attack.God BlessOurTroops

  40. 32370587
    32370587 Apr 28, 2014

    "Ai bảo Trời không có mắt" translated literally in English: "Who says God didn't have eyes!" However the proverb carries its connotation meaning: Beware of karma, God is watching!

  41. 32373144
    32373144 Apr 29, 2014

    "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?" means "Who would say there is no visions of God?"

  42. 11937219
    11937219 Apr 30, 2014

    To: 28101493 "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?", = can be loosely translated from Vietnamese Proverb as "Karma" or "You reap what you sow" ... This statement is directed at the current communist government of Vietnam. (note: communist government intentionally written in lower cases).

  43. 32374450
    32374450 Apr 30, 2014

    I am a Vietnamese vet, then the aftermath and its consequences always linger in my mind. As there are lots of unsettle questions deepened. This mysterious monument answers by itself. Thanks someone's bona fides.

  44. 32376123
    32376123 Apr 30, 2014

    So often those who were lost within the War's of years gone by are forgotten unless a act of kindness is given to show to others long after wards of there being. Only lost in time there soul's will be locked up in the heaven's above for all to see, that they to were someone to be and know as loved ones from so long ago.

  45. 32376123
    32376123 Apr 30, 2014

    I serv my time in Viet Nam 67-68' so many of my friends never came back, it has hunted me all my life of the reasons why '... we had to go to a War that no one wanted or even to be there... they weren't coming a crossed the sea to get us... yet we had to go and come back with a lost that was greater then any other country that was there. We did not win' this so called War.... It was hard to stand proud cause of the lost of our friends and brother's and father's who lost there lives over there. An for what'...It is a Great Honor to see this and know that those who were lost will always be kept in our thoughts and prayers for ever more... this small but great Vietnam War Memorial that has been placed in a place far from the hate and sorrow of man kind's war's and Gov't ways ... shows to those who have found peace from with in to give back just a little of them self's for all that were lost in that War' ... this makes me proud to know they are not forgotten even if it's in a out of the way place set a side for peace of minds to see....thank you who ever they were to show there love for all the men and women who lost there life's ......God Bless them all'

  46. CHB2_DaNang1965
    CHB2_DaNang1965 Apr 30, 2014

    For me It symbolizes the many emotions that many of us brought home. The remoteness of the location I feel speaks to the Veterans inability to fit into the society he knew when he left. The time span of dates recalls the unsuccessful effort by other nations to secure their brand of peace on a people that simply wanted to left alone. Its been 49 years(4.28.65)since I stepped on the soil of RVN. A day has not passed that it has not been in the fore-front of each waking day. The monument is a tribute to the peace and solitude that we veterans sacrificed for the people we valiantly tried to secure in their name. Semper Fi, Danang 1965-66

  47. 32376740
    32376740 Apr 30, 2014

    What a site thank you to whom ever erected this memorial I live in Colorado and will attempt to visit.

  48. 32377998
    32377998 May 01, 2014

    ukielp, I'm a veteran from that war and I am more than willing to comment. I was in country from October, 1968 until September 1969. Since I live in Colorado, I'll make the trip personally to see this memorial and honor it. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea to publicize the whereabouts of the memorial too much as it might come to the attention of someone who would NOT honor it. I am proud of the sacrifices made by all of our warriors who ever fought in any war for the freedoms we have and I am ready for the next one to get our freedoms back that have been systematically stripped from us by the present administration.

  49. 32378209
    32378209 May 01, 2014

    Thanks for posting the VDO. Dedications to many unknown soldiers who lost their lives for this war. "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?" meant "Who said that God didn't know?" Peace

  50. 32378519
    32378519 May 01, 2014

    I was a medic with 4th army between June 67 and June 68. Concerning the river of tears inscription, amen.

  51. 32379031
    32379031 May 01, 2014

    Thank you to the anonymous person who did this for our Vietnam veterans. I will hike that mesa and find this memorial and pay my respects as well. Thank you for such a precious remembrance to us all. Doc McBride D Co. 5/7 Cav. 1967-68

  52. 23473157
    23473157 May 02, 2014


  53. ABIS521
    ABIS521 May 02, 2014

    " Ai bao troi khong co mat?" if translated word by word means " Who said God does not have eyes!" but the true meaning of this proverb is: " God always follows your action, so the result of your present life could be a reward or a punishment!" I do salute and honor whoever had constructed this beautiful memorial! I couldn't stop my tears from rolling. Former South Vietnamese Pilot (C-7A)

  54. 32380979
    32380979 May 02, 2014

    "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?", a Vietnamese proverb, (with the Vietnamese font: "Ai bảo Trời không có mắt?") it means: "who says God (Troi) does not have eyes?" In Vietnamese "Troi" (God) generally does not imply "Jesus". 90% of Vietnamese are non-Christian. They refer "Troi" (God) as a "Supreme Being" Similarly, they say: "Troi cao co mat" (with the Vietnamese font: "Trời cao có mắt") it means "God is high, he has eyes" (Don't do anything bad, even nobody sees you - God sees you!)

  55. 32380979
    32380979 May 02, 2014

    (I removed the phrases with the Vietnamese font. Because this website does not display it correctly. Thanks a lot for those who served the Vietnam war.) "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?", a Vietnamese proverb, it means: "who says God (Troi) does not have eyes?" In Vietnamese "Troi" (God) generally does not imply "Jesus". 90% of Vietnamese are non-Christian. They refer "Troi" (God) as a "Supreme Being" Similarly, they say: "Troi cao co mat", it means "God is high, he has eyes" (Don't do anything bad, even nobody sees you - God sees you!)

  56. 32382384
    32382384 May 03, 2014

    @28101493 Correct Vietnamese for "Ai bao Troi khong co mat" is "Ai bảo Trời không có mắt?" Direct translation is "Who says God doesn't have eyes?"; My attempt to explain its meaning God would punish you of the bad things you did to others; Watch out, Be careful of what you are doing, you would pay consequence of the bad things you did to others.

  57. 32382592
    32382592 May 03, 2014

    Will be in Colorado in June and will try to find it as a Vietnam vet to pay my respects and say a prayer for the friends I lost there as a navy pilot.

  58. 32383567
    32383567 May 04, 2014

    To 28101493; "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?" is somewhat equivalent to "God sees/knows". Keep in mind that God can be different (in name or nature) in non-christian religions/cultures.

  59. 32384463
    32384463 May 04, 2014

    " Ai bao Troi khong co mat ? " = " Who said God has no eyes ? " that mean : God present anywhere and always there ./ Looking to visit this place ./ I love and appreciate it.

  60. 32385633
    32385633 May 05, 2014

    God Bless my brothers in arms may they rest in peace. USAF 1973 VietNam.

  61. 32385698
    32385698 May 05, 2014

    Being a Vet, I would very much like to see this.

  62. FOGG1
    FOGG1 May 05, 2014

    This is one of the most unforgettable items I have ever seen. I saw the huge American military cemetery constructed by and in the country of Luxembourg and was immediately struck at how beautiful it was even in its commemoration of death and sacrifice. This, however, doesn't strike me the same way. This makes me very sad knowing, almost first hand, how caringly, lovingly, beautifully and poignantly this work of art was done. The symmetry is wonderful and the ruggedness of the location is outstanding. Thanks to, whomever, for this. I am tearfully grateful.

  63. greywolfghost
    greywolfghost May 05, 2014

    This is just WAY too cool! Though I'm getting a bit old for it, I'd like to visit that. It's not too far away. Only wish we Cold War Vets had something like that somewhere!;)

  64. 32388214
    32388214 May 06, 2014

    Thank you who did this for my fallen brothers and sisters. I personally was not in Vietnam due to my own health reasons and handycap although I have seen the aftermath and buried many of my high school friends when they came back home to the small city that I lived in in southern Wisconsin. Seeing memorials like this gives this old mans heart good. Thank You.

  65. catusjack
    catusjack May 06, 2014

    This Vietnam veteran wants to thank the person or persons who did the great job on this Memorial.

  66. 11399063
    11399063 May 06, 2014

    I want to thank the person who built this memorial and I will put it on my bucket list. 1st cav; 5/7th cav, artillery liaison.1966-67

  67. 24917495
    24917495 May 07, 2014

    Thank you to the person and persons responsible for the erection and maintenance of this monument. I just found out about this today. Perhaps some day I may get to view this and privately reflect on a part of my past. I served with 1st Bn 26th Marines from July 1966 to August 1967. I worked the bush in and around Hill 55 (DaNang) before moving on up to one of the more exotic recreation sites known as Khe Sanh. I rotated home before "The Siege." God speed brothers...Pinefold 14a...out.

  68. 23728811
    23728811 May 08, 2014

    Leave it be. Don't give out the concordance. Thanks to who ever put it up. It's 'sacred ground'. USN-Ret

  69. 32396962
    32396962 May 08, 2014

    Explanation for Vietnamese phrase: "Ai Bao Troi Khong Co Mat". Can't think of an exact English equivalent at the moment, but literal translation would be: "Who says God does not have eyes?" The word "mat" means eye(s)not face. If you're a Christian, this phrase means that God is all knowing, he sees everything and the day of reckoning will come when man has to answer for his deeds. A Buddhist concept would be Karma: you reap what you sow.

  70. 32401190
    32401190 May 09, 2014

    God bless each and everyone who lost their life and to their family who lost a love one!!

  71. poznian
    poznian May 09, 2014

    Gone but not forgotten, rest in peace.

  72. 32416401
    32416401 May 10, 2014


  73. 32427152
    32427152 May 10, 2014

    A friend did a little research on this. Here is what he found: I researched some of the inscriptions in French and the reference to Luke 19:40 as well as one in Vietnamese that translates to "Who says God doesn't have eyes?," one inscription refers to France and Morocco. As best as I can tell, this is not a memorial to the U.S. war in Vietnam. It is a memorial to the 20th Indian Division that was formed in India in 1942 to fight the Japanese and help kick them out of French Indo-China (Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos) in 1945-1946. Anyone who believes this is a memorial to the U.S. fighting forces in Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia in the 50's, 60's & 70's has been duped! At least that is the way it appears to me. If you send this to anyone, please remove my email address. Near Gunnison, Colorado:

  74. 32431886
    32431886 May 11, 2014

    This is a South East Asia memorial,"A Soldier Stone". The memorial was a dream of A LTC in Colorado Springs in the early 90's. He applied for and received permission from the Forest Service for the work. Unfortunately he developed cancer and died before the project was finished, however the 52nd Engineer Battalion at Fort Carson provided volunteers to transport and erect the stones. It is a memorial to all soldiers who fought in all the wars of SE Asia. I have hunted elk in this meadow for the last 35 years. Motor vehicles are not allowed in the meadow, off the trail. This is Sergeants Mesa, more easily accessed from Hwy 114 on EE38. If you stop at the Forest Service in Sagauche, they will provide you with a hand-out, however, it is not advertised. Steve Owen USMC/USA Calhan, CO

  75. 25608080
    25608080 May 11, 2014

    I am a decorated VN Vet that did 2 tours over there and I would like to know why the Park Rangers keep it off the maps and why the VN Vet had to sneak the pieces in.... I cannot do anything about it because I live in Hawaii but if I lived anywhere near this war memorial, I would go to the Park rangers personally to find out what the story was and if I didn't like it, I would go further until I got it in the press and all VN vets in the area knew about it and it became an official Memorial Rona Adams Army Nurse Corps 1967-1968

  76. 3959489
    3959489 May 11, 2014

    Interesting to say the least and fitting in most ways, why it is not more known is a mystery in itself and why the government has decided to let it stay is also a fitting tribute....OuuuuuuuuRah!

  77. 32431886
    32431886 May 12, 2014

    Update to my previous post. I just located my copy of the SoldierStone brochure from the Rio Grande forest service office. It was the dream of LTC Stuart A.Beckley. It was a"Tribute to our Forgotten Allies. It was installed by men from the 10th Special Forces, at Fort Carson, and others, and not by the 52nd Eng. Bn. as I earlier stated. Ltc. Beckley did not get to visit the site but was able see photos of the memorial before he passed. It was his wish not to broadly advertise the location, but to make it available upon request. For anyone wishing to visit the site, lease park at the edge of the tree line and approach on foot. It is only about 400 yards. Please be reverent,this is a very special place, and while I can't prove it, I am sure there are ashes of VietVets on the ground. SO, Calhan, CO

  78. swahlstrom
    swahlstrom May 12, 2014

    Thank you, very personal. Semper Fi

  79. 32457953
    32457953 May 13, 2014

    3 Dislikes? How does ANYONE dislike a memorial to fallen men who went to wars they did not start, did not want to be in but DID NOT duck out of or head to Canada or other parts of the world. Only those who have paid nothing, sacrificed nothing or lost nothing or anyone could dislike or harm in any way a memorial to those who died so your sorry ass could walk around in the land of the free! USN - 3 Tonkin Gulf tours. Never forget our fallen! Past & Present

  80. Sandy55855344
    Sandy55855344 May 13, 2014

    Peace and GOD rest your souls,Dear Brothers and Sisters. Army Engineers,Vietnam,1967-1968 and 1971-1972. I was a REMF most of both tours,T.D.Y. a few times. I came home?Yet,I'll always be there with you.

  81. martinvdgiff
    martinvdgiff May 14, 2014

    Thank you, THANK YOU To who ever built this Memorial. SEMPERFI

  82. 32462583
    32462583 May 14, 2014

    gives me another good reason to ride the divide this summer on the harley! don't ever forget!

  83. WarzonePTSD
    WarzonePTSD May 14, 2014

    This is such an incredible thing to find. I too wish I new the whole story. Don Parent Vietnam 1967/1968 100% Disabled Vet Multiple Purple Hearts Author: "The Warone PTSD Survivors Guide"

  84. 17460246
    17460246 May 16, 2014

    We went to war because our country asked us to. When we came home, expecting support and understanding for our anguish, our fellow Americans treated us disgracefully. This is a wound that will never heal, even though the current politically correct thing to say is, -- “thank you for your service”. It is entirely appropriate that this memorial is remote, exclusive, and away from the prying eyes of those who only pay lip service to our anguish. It has been over 48 years since I served in Nam, but like many here, a single day does not go by that I don’t remember the pain of our losses and the rejection of our country. I don’t talk about it. I just go about my business. But I sincerely thank LTC Beckley for giving us OUR memorial – it eases the pain and brings our brothers and sisters closer. G. Guild, LT, USN

  85. 32469818
    32469818 May 17, 2014

    It's not clear to whom the monument Is dedIcated. The French who died in the Indochina War? In any case VIetnam was not lost by our SoldIers MarInes aIrmen and saIlors. It was lost by timid politicians who would not allow the US military to win. Battles were never lost when our boys were allowed to win.

  86. 30540952
    30540952 May 20, 2014

    Thank You. It matters a lot to me to remember the times, good and bad, and friends lost and the (lucky) ones who made it back! Much thanks to the press and military- industrial complex, for letting us do our job!!! Joke ! David Koshalek "67-68. 2/16 Rangers. Big red one !

  87. WillowFae13
    WillowFae13 May 21, 2014

    So very moving. It brought tears to my eyes. I'm the spouse of a deceased Combat Vietnam Veteran and think I'll drive up there this summer. I've never been to the Continental Divide, but since I live in Nebraska it shouldn't be too far of a drive.

  88. 32485383
    32485383 May 22, 2014

    Wow! Thank you-some ones -who cared enough to remember and memorialize those who have bought our freedom with their lives and sacrifices. On this Memorial Day weekend I ,and I hope all who see this video, will revere even more those who have made our lives" Free Because of the BRAVE! May God bless them and their families , and may we honor those today how keep us SAFE and FREE. God Bless Us Everyone! Jim Councill in Virginia, US Air Force 1967 to 1977.Proud Father of an Army E-6 Medic.

  89. 32485973
    32485973 May 22, 2014

    This is truly a labor of love. Peaceful, serene, unobtrusive, and above all, respectful, of ALL who fought there. ~1Warder Weapons Spec. 19th TASS Dau Tieng '69

  90. 32487236
    32487236 May 23, 2014

    Thank You for this memorial. We are so grateful for the thoughtful honor dedicated to all who have ever walked on Vietnam soil.

  91. 32487251
    32487251 May 23, 2014

    Thanks for the great memorial, those that take care of it and the person that posted the video. I would have never known about it otherwise. I will pass the link to my Army brothers and sisters. David Wronowski, US Army, 25th Division, 23D Infantry (Tomahawks), Charlie Company, 1967-1968.

  92. Saigon1975
    Saigon1975 May 24, 2014

    On this Memorial Day ... I happened across this ... gave me chills ....

  93. 15290947
    15290947 May 24, 2014

    A place in time, lost relatives and friends. Rest in peace.

  94. 32491055
    32491055 May 24, 2014

    Overwhelming! RVN 2/69-9/70 Army JK

  95. 32491292
    32491292 May 24, 2014

    How could you dislike this, unless you are a Left Wingnut, getting your freebies from a corrupt government who hates Veterans. Who gave and continues to give us our freedoms? Community organizers or veterans. As my TEE shirt says Real Hero's wear dog tags. Thank all the service men/women for their personal sacrifices to keep this country safe.

  96. 30377627
    30377627 May 26, 2014

    Sad that this was posted. There is a reason why people kept it a secret. Now, there are going to be people who go in search of it and one of these days it will be vandalized or even destroyed. There are lots of sickos that get their kicks desecrating what others hold sacred.

  97. 32495182
    32495182 May 26, 2014

    August '67 to Aug '68. 227 combat missions as F-4 pilot and FAC flying from DaNang, Pleiku,and Ubon supporting Army SOG,and NVN and LAOS interdiction. Thanks to all those who did this. I don't live far away and will visit this summer. As someone said it is appropriate it is out of the limelight---just as all of us who were there were when we returned and have been ever since.

  98. 32501626
    32501626 May 28, 2014

    Thank you for sharing this great memorial to our soldiers and especially the fallen ones. God bless them all.

  99. 1645738
    1645738 May 28, 2014

    I want to thank those who took the time and cared enough to erect this monument. The next time I am in the Sargents Mesa Region I will look for it. It is East of the Colorado Trail and North of the three way intersection of Roads 855, 578 and CR 33JJ. I am a 30 year Cavalry Veteran and a member of the 1/4 Cav, 1st Infantry Division, Vietnam from January 1968 to January 1969.

  100. 32502737
    32502737 May 28, 2014

    Thank you to the one (s) who made this memorial. Thank you to those whose lives were given for our freedoms. Thanks to this young person who so carefully trod the ground. This gives me hope for my country’s future that one this young has done so well.

  101. 32504658
    32504658 May 28, 2014

    How very touching to see the effort made to commemorate the actions of so many in Vietnam. Another site worth visiting if only going there via internet, is at Angel Fire, MN... the only state park in the US dedicated to Vietnam Veterans: The Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Originally built with private funds and donations, the family of David Westphall turned it over to the National Park Serviceyears ago. Ceremonies are held there on Veterans Day and Memorial Day with thousands visiting and attending. God Bless all who served and those who died in service. Jose Narosky: "In war, there are no unwounded soldiers." Posted by Dana Chwan, widow of Michael D Chwan, MIA/KIA 30 Sept 1965 - until Arlington burial on 16 April 1985. Rest in Peace - Always Remmbered.

  102. bluebarron52
    bluebarron52 May 29, 2014


  103. 32512902
    32512902 May 31, 2014

    Respect it, preserve and learn from it. He or those who made this shrine, I THANK YOU! MLA SSBN641

  104. 32513180
    32513180 May 31, 2014

    thanks to the generous individual who erected this beautiful memorial. lets keep it pistine and little known.viet vet 68- 69.

  105. 27792196
    27792196 Jun 03, 2014

    Wonderful. The thoughtfulness, caring, and mystic presence of this memorial is remarkable. My time in this conflict changed my life, and this is so touching.

  106. 32524907
    32524907 Jun 04, 2014

    The memorial is off the trail, on Sargents Mesa, maybe 6-7 miles, as the crow flies, south of the town of Sargents, CO, which is east of Gunnison, along Highway 50. Closest town marked is Chester. Take Milk Crk (a partial dirt road), about 6-7 miles south out of Chester to the mesa.

  107. 32524907
    32524907 Jun 04, 2014

    "Ai bao Troi khong co mat" translated is "Who says God doesn't have eyes"

  108. NightJump
    NightJump Jun 05, 2014

    It is well this site's location is not identified. I am pleased to know it exists, and I am grateful to the person(s) responsible for its existence. I hope those who stumble upon it respect it, and find peace and satisfaction in this quiet, remote location.

  109. D34Cav
    D34Cav Jun 06, 2014

    They should put it on the park map. A honored tribute to all who served, fought and sacrifices.

  110. 32532405
    32532405 Jun 07, 2014

    67N20. Check your history. The first American killed in VN was in 1945 after WW2.he was a captain and was there to locate POW's. The capt. spoke French and was mistaken for a French officer while performing his duties. The other countries listed are a reference to all foreign services who served in VN. For those of us who served in VN we all know that the war was also fought in Laos and Cambodia as well. I am going to make a concerted effort to visit this memorial.There is not a day that I don't think about my time there and the fine men that I served with.

  111. 32534817
    32534817 Jun 08, 2014

    This is great! I visit Colorado on a regular basis. Maybe I can get there on an ATV. I hope I can find it with the help of my son-in-law. I served two tours and traveled the whole country. I saw a lot and did a lot and was fortunate to return in one piece. Too bad 58,000+ can't say the same. Art '68-'69 and '72-'73.

  112. 32540824
    32540824 Jun 10, 2014

    Can anyone tell me where this is located? Why can't I get ay more infor on this site???

  113. T282G117
    T282G117 Jun 11, 2014

    ...and to what end other than to protect their buddies, regardless of nationality.

  114. 2920009
    2920009 Jun 17, 2014

    This is a very fitting memorial and should be protected and preserved. It has very historic significance as it depicts the other countries and their military which were in the conflict for decades. God bless the ones who put up this memorial.

  115. 26262196
    26262196 Jun 20, 2014

    I love you guys and gals for what you done! I was 17-yrs. old and wanted my mom to sign for me-but, she wanted me to finish school. I have the upmost Respect for all of you, because of your actions, bravery and sacrifice I joined up, and served in OIF. Every time that I see WWII, Korean and VN Vet I always tell them;"Welcome home, and thanks for your service!" This is a memorial I'd love to see up close and personnel. I am glad it is secluded because I know that some PC fanatic would want it taken down, or some Atheist would file a lawsuit! I thank all of you for your service! You are all Great!!

  116. 25606303
    25606303 Jun 21, 2014

    I served from Dec 64 to Nov 67, and again from Feb 72 to Jan 91. I had orders for VN, but never made it. I honor all my friends,acquaintances, and brothers and sisters in arms that served in VN, and am thankful that I was spared by the Almighty. I do not know the pain that in country VN Vets feel for their fallen comrades, but I do understand based on the closeness I have with those that did serve there. They will never be forgotten in my mind & heart. This memorial is a fitting tribute to those that have fallen in SE Asia. May LTC Beckley RIP.

  117. 32579187
    32579187 Jun 23, 2014

    OMG, I will visit this hallowed place before I die. I was fortunate to spend my overseas tour in Korea (1967/68) but I lost several friends to the war. One in particular was a medic friend that I was writing to in 'Nam while I was in Korea. We had plans to hit the bars and celebrate when we both returned stateside... Needless to say I returned home and so did he, but he was KIA in a firefight. This brigs tears to my eyes...

  118. Macsimone
    Macsimone Jun 24, 2014

    I wrote this poem while at Korat AB in Thailand during the Vietnam War. "Welcome to our mountains, welcome to our valleys. Bring your guns and ammo, fly your planes to show you have come to protect our flowering fields. The flower of Europe is white, the flower of Asia brown. The flower you pluck soon dries and weathers up. Why did you have to pluck? By Paul Sibayan in 1970.

  119. 23772850
    23772850 Jul 09, 2014

    This is a must visit for me. Army helicopter pilot. Flew out of Camp Holloway....AO Kontum, Pleiku, Dak to (Central Highlands) Jan '72-Oct 72. RIP; Cpt. Joe Eubanks, Cpt. William Powell, Cpt. Fisher, Cpt Ed Northrup, Lt. Farris, Lt. Tim Conry. Forever in my mind and heart. (I hope the four wheelers and dirt bikes keep their distance from this site).

  120. 32644078
    32644078 Jul 16, 2014

    @ 28101493 "Ai bao Troi khong co mat?"(Who says God does not have eyes?),this Vietnamese Proverb means "God sees everything", "What goes around comes around"

  121. 32653402
    32653402 Jul 19, 2014

    Beautiful,,,from deep within someone!!! Thank you ..... To all from viet nam,,welcome home... I find this hard to comprehend ,,,yet also very easy... Even though it was 47 years ago ..... Some things you never leave behind!!!

  122. 32653459
    32653459 Jul 19, 2014

    I could not stop the tears as I went through this video. ASA all the way and God Bless America.

  123. 32677665
    32677665 Jul 28, 2014

    I believe that it absolutely great and on American PUBLIC LANDS Perhaps well someday be able to thank the sponsor of this wonderful gift No man shall tke it down Tim T.

  124. 32681550
    32681550 Aug 13, 2014

    I like, It would be nice if someone revisited the spot and recorded Lat. and Long.

  125. 32741624
    32741624 Aug 20, 2014

    Great to be honored like this in my own state. Going this next week to see it.

  126. 32741624
    32741624 Aug 20, 2014

    Also, I'm taking my wife on the hike. She wants to know more about my experiences but have never been able to give details. God Bless. 118th AHC. 66-67

  127. Bromac7
    Bromac7 Aug 20, 2014

    A very odd memorial. God Bless the soldier who placed it here. I would love to have more info. Mark S McKinney Vietnam 71-72

  128. 31247624
    31247624 Aug 24, 2014

    Danang FAC '67-'68 Good bless whoever did this and those who served.

  129. SgtDonSchaffer
    SgtDonSchaffer Aug 25, 2014

    I live in Denver and am really interested in visiting this Memorial. I am a 100% Disabled Vietnam Veteran. I can walk a fair distance with my cane on smooth fairly flat terrain. Can I drive close enough to the Memorial in a front wheel drive Chevy Equinox to walk the rest of the way. It's got pretty good ground clearance

  130. 32754472
    32754472 Aug 25, 2014

    Please leave it private. Take this down. In respect to their wishes.

  131. 32741624
    32741624 Aug 28, 2014

    Just got back from visiting the memorial. Easy jeep ride up to the trail head. Certainly honors us Vietnam vets. I'm honored and humbled.

  132. 32902805
    32902805 Sep 23, 2014

    I live in Grand Junction, CO. and have never heard of this. I found this a few weeks ago but have been away from my finding it on You Tube. I feel like this should be guarded/protected as a National Monument. I take Great Pride in more than on Nationality is presented here and over many decades. I knew the French and tried to conquer Vietnam years before we marched in to save Humanity . . . but back to the present. Three Cheers to whoever did this. My Heart Swells with Pride for those that realize that War is only kind to the moneymakers and no one else. I have tried to preach to my Grandkids, that War is nothing but Bad News for Everyone. God Bless All Lost Soldiers and Every Innocent ever lost.

  133. 33467105
    33467105 Dec 16, 2014

    AMAZING!!!! Vietnam Memorial, I gather that the only access to see this Memorial is by Dirt Bike, Walking, horse riding, or Chopper????. My other question is it allowed to visit?!

  134. 20924544
    20924544 Dec 18, 2014

    I love stuff like this. But in a way, I wish it had remained a secret. Only because we know how mean and cruel some people can be. I'm a gulf war vet who spent over 15 years in the Army. Where we thought we had a tuff time. I have SO much RESPECT for all our vets. But all the vet before me have my gratitude for really show use young men and women how it's truly done. Just looking at this footage brought tears to my eyes. I have nothing but respect and admiration for who ever done this.

  135. 20924544
    20924544 Dec 18, 2014

    The four dislikes, I simply don't get that.

  136. 2923574
    2923574 Dec 18, 2014

    Always REMEMBER THE FALLEN! USAF 1970-1974

  137. billzoll
    billzoll Mar 10, 2015

    Would love to go here. I'm a Vietnam Vet, 23rd Infantry Division, Chu Lai, 1971. How far is the hike? Where do you stay overnight?

  138. 33863426
    33863426 Apr 21, 2015

    For those who are wondering what the Vietnamese proverb means, it means "Who says that the sky doesn't have eyes?", literally. And the proverb means that God watches over you, and you reap what you sow.

  139. Joe_Diaz_tn
    Joe_Diaz_tn May 27, 2015

    This is amazing and beautiful! Thank you to the 'Nam Brother/s who erected this memorial.

  140. 34221264
    34221264 Aug 16, 2015

    I was made aware of this just today and went through al the comments. I can understand some feeling that it should remain secret, untouched, etc. But, those words have been engraved to be read by humans. Deer, elk and squirrels can't read. The person who envisioned this intended to convey a message to posterity, his ours, and all who served, survived or died. I can't imagine al this effort spent just to hide it under a bushel. It appears to be a memorial, a sermon, a prayer, a history. I spent 3 combat flying tours, 65, 67, 72-73, the last at DaNang as the war ended. I am now 78, and have a bit of trouble on uneven ground, but a dear friend who flew FB-111s out of Thailand in the Vietnam War has proposed to drive there in is appropriate vehicle. I think it is a trip I'd love to make to honor, respect, and appreciate not only what the creator of this memorial did, but to again remember my comrades to arms in the Vietnam part of the conflicts this recognizes. Curt Dale, Col. USAF, (Ret)

  141. 34464475
    34464475 Oct 30, 2015

    what a great monument to our service men and women to bad there is not more of this happening

  142. 24395159
    24395159 Nov 09, 2015

    Beckley did more then was ever expected of one man. He should be proud!

  143. 12578068
    12578068 Jan 01, 2016

    I have just watched this video and as others have asked I would love to know the location or GPS of this Memorial. All of us who served over there should be aware of this.

  144. 35124206
    35124206 May 24, 2016

    Should I make it back to Colorado again. Stationed at Ft. Carson at the end of '66 and all of '67. A big salute to all the Vietnam Veterans as I was in the 25th Div. at Cu Chi with the 5th Mech Inf. in the Recon Platoon. SALUTE!!!

  145. 35268143
  146. 35271993
    35271993 Jul 16, 2016

    I guess the whole sentence in Vietnamese: “Ai bảo trời không có mắt?” means “Who said God has no eye?” The questioner asks; but foresees the answer which is”causality”.

  147. 35278313
    35278313 Jul 18, 2016

    Mysterious' Vietnam War Memorial THANK YOU VERY MUCH. IT REALLY TOUCHED MY HEART Hoang Lan

  148. 35278313
    35278313 Jul 18, 2016

    If these videos are posted on YouTube, more people can watch, more people know your website. I think. Thank you for sharing this clip. Hoang Lan 07/18/2016

  149. 36310890
    36310890 Aug 13, 2017

    I agree with 32114215 Feb 08, 2014 about giving up the location information. It is sad the generation that is today, that has no respect of anything, that will deface and I am sure eventually destroy something so honorable and special as they have no honor and see nothing special. Sparing the rod has spawned a crop of immoral carbon units. I am lacking a term for the things running around claiming to be human. Sorry God forgive them for they know not, and God bless those that have created something so very special to honor those RickS

  150. 36459534
    36459534 Oct 25, 2017

    I did find this article about it. I respectfully submit this to the conversation. This answers many questions, and yet it leaves many questions unanswered, just as it probably should be. http://hiddencolorado.kunc.org/soldierstone/

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