Vietnam - Battle of Khe Sanh

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Air Power At Khe Sanh - US Air Force and Marine Corps - 1967 December North Vietnam, Troops taking casualties. Bombing runs on Vietnam, Air power to win the Vietnam War. Khe Sanh, overlooks Ho Chi Minh trail to Laos. Supply runs, troops firing at enemy. Battle plans are laid out and actioned.

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  1. wolfen244
    wolfen244 Feb 08, 2015

    You can bet that Ostupid isn't playing this one in the White House any time soon.

  2. 33681943
    33681943 Feb 14, 2015

    As a Loadmaster on C-130s I flew over 30 missions into Khe Sahn (ground and drop)and one 10,000 lb bomb drop, with the exception of the A Shau valley and the Kham Duc evacuations of which I flew also, Khe Sahn brings memories of the most loud explosions, dirt hitting the plane when we landed from rockets and mortars and plumbs of smoke everywhere. It was truly Hells War but we went in under constant enemy fire. We were not going to let our guys down at Khe Sahn,no matter what. T.Stalvey USAF

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