Jane Fonda's Unforgivable Mistake

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Jane Fonda tells Oprah that thing she did in North Vietnam was an “unforgivable mistake” and talks about what she learned when she apologized to a group of Vietnam Veterans in an episode of Oprah’s Master Class. Credit http://www.oprah.com/own-master-class/Oprahs-Master-Class-Jane-Fonda

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Apr 03, 2013

    UNFORGIVABLE is right

  2. kiwi68
    kiwi68 Apr 04, 2013

    just another PR stunt by Fonda

  3. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Apr 04, 2013

    Only when the Viet Nam veterans forgive her will I.

  4. Mottlee
    Mottlee Apr 04, 2013

    I dont think she will ever be, It was a time of WAR and she should not have been there in the first place!

  5. bjohnnymac
    bjohnnymac Apr 05, 2013

    That was not as bad as when she took the names of the POWs that she spoke to and turn around and gave them to the North Vietnam commander. They gave her their names to her so she could give them to our US Gov.

  6. 7101814
    7101814 Apr 05, 2013

    When Americans like Jane Fonda and Dennis Rodman who both are Blessed with Greats Talents does something like what they both did it just goes to show how "Ungreatful" they both are to their country. I ask that we all "PRAY" for the both of them,because someone said "Judge Ye that Ye not be Judged" Amen!!!!!!! I am a Veteran of Korea and Vietnam and i "Fondly remember Repeating these words; I do solomey swear to uphold and defend the constitution of the,USA. against "All" Enemies forgien or domestic,So Help Me God.So to "ALL" Veterans hold your heads up High!!!!

  7. jackthelad
    jackthelad Apr 05, 2013

    Fonda should have had her citizenship revoked and shipped back to the Nam. Instead, she came back here, made a fitness video and spent the rest of her miserable existence wallowing in self-pity. Traitors are scum and so is Jane.

  8. hitthadeck
    hitthadeck Apr 05, 2013

    She still doesn't get it after all these years and puts her blame on the picture of her on a North Vietnam antiaircraft gun. She doesn't know the meaning of the word traitor. She betrayed every man living and dead that fought in the service of the country. Wars are only a mistake if you loose them and She drove a knife in the backs of the young men who were ordered into combat. The communist would give her a medal for her service. I will never forgive her and she knows very well that she betrayed her country but blames it on a photograph.

  9. ArabellaDrummond
    ArabellaDrummond Apr 05, 2013

    i agree what she did wasn't a smart decision, but if you read jane's 2005 autobiography part of it states, "It happened on my last day in Hanoi. I was exhausted and an emotional wreck after the 2-week visit." Being exhausted and an emotional wreck is hard for people. How could this have really been her fault? Let me ask all you haters this,If you were in vietnam during the war, could you really cope with all the things you would witness and not do what jane fonda did? Try and imagine yourselves in her shoes.

  10. Spc_A_Poole
    Spc_A_Poole Apr 08, 2013

    shut her up

  11. 30570075
    30570075 Apr 11, 2013

    sure she's sorry, now

  12. 26867957
    26867957 Apr 11, 2013

    She should have been spit on like those of us who did what we were told. A scumbag remains a scumbag. Men...REAL LIVE MEN were beaten and died because of her.

  13. itschallenger2
    itschallenger2 Apr 11, 2013

    When she burned her bra she burned her consciousness and morals as a person.

  14. 11628591
    11628591 Apr 11, 2013

    I truly believe after all this time anyone who cannot forgive her, is a bitter human being for life. I served in 'nam and didn't appreciate what she did or said at the time but to hold a grudge this long just does not make sense. At least when I go to my maker, I'll no longer have that hate weighing on my heart.

  15. bertwrene
    bertwrene Apr 12, 2013

    she's right...UNFORGIVEABLE

  16. Libnot
    Libnot Apr 12, 2013

    I suspect the one mistake was getting caught doing the deed. Not the deed itself. She is still the same big lib now as then. Just listen to some of her comments, recent or years ago.

  17. 16953326
    16953326 Apr 15, 2013

    Too late sister!

  18. 30575984
    30575984 Apr 16, 2013

    hope that country can find peace again so day

  19. 30570075
    30570075 Apr 19, 2013


  20. originalbud55
    originalbud55 May 05, 2013

    She should have been prosecuted as a traitor in time of war and shot.

  21. 21897340
    21897340 May 14, 2013

    I was with the 101st and spent 18 months and 29 days in county. We faced daily tradgedies for more tha 2 weeks at a time. She should not have been there in the first place. Until all of the people that are NOT MILITARY PERSONEL are kept out of the war zobes, you are going to have this sort of thing happen. How can we ever expect to win a war when the armchair generals are sitting back here telling us what we need to be doing. Put the generals back in charge and have the 6 o'clock new tell the people at home what we accomplished today. Live coverage of military operations do nothing but cost lives of our military brothers and sisters. We have seen that with this traitor and the other traitor Geraldo Rivera. When are we going to ever learn?

  22. cgreathouse
    cgreathouse May 18, 2013

    Why didn't she choose to join with the American patriots like Bob Hope, John Wayne, Martha Ray, and the many other's that choose to support American troops in Vietnam? Had she been touring with these great guys she would not have made that unforgivable mistake, as she calls it. I think she knew exactly what she was doing. Sorry Jane, no forgiveness here.

  23. 5400655
    5400655 May 19, 2013

    She is an actress. I seem to remember that she did not apologize for her actions. This is Hollywood crap. She was not duped by the NVA, she was infatuated with them.

  24. 28145735
    28145735 May 27, 2013

    she is still a traitor and I say strip her citizenship. take away all her rights. make her leave the usa and live in another country. my name is danny and I approve this message.

  25. 30981390
    30981390 Jul 25, 2013

    It was very good to hear Jane Fonda's explanation. It is July 25, 2013 and it was time I heard her version. I hope to pass this on to others who would benefit and heal from this. God bless our country and all of our soldiers.

  26. Mummydust
    Mummydust Aug 07, 2013

    She needs to be tried & hanged as a traitor!!!

  27. 31071871
    31071871 Aug 11, 2013

    She is one heck of an actress isn't she? I can not believe that she actually thinks that it was her holding a stick in a manner that it appeared as though she was shooting a gun is what upset us! Listen to this Traitor Jane, You are just another deceiving, lying liberal who could not be, and still can not be trusted. Your presence and conduct spoke for itself and nothing you now say or can do can undo your blatantly treasonous actions, PERIOD! The eccentric and racist liberal, Oprah Winfrey,is not admired by most of us either and all your monies and talents combined will never be able to justify your continued existence to us.

  28. 30064209
    30064209 Aug 28, 2013

    Not good enough. Being a traitor cannot be apologized away and explained away after all these years. You stuck the bayonet in the back of every last one of us that served in Vietnam and twisted it.. We followed orders, served out country and you told us and showed us how you felt. Go to your grave with the ill will of millions of us that went to Vietnam to do our duty and serve our country. We were fighting for the freedom of the South Vietnamese people. We just plain GIs didn't start the war or want the war, but we went, because our country ask us to. You went there to enhance your movie star image and profit personally. A skunk can't change their stripes. I don't think there is another person in the United States that is more reviled than you. Live with it. We have all these years.

  29. boldaq
    boldaq Sep 25, 2013

    Well, nobody said Hanoi Jane couldn't act. The one I want to see apologize is John Traitor Kerry. Every war movie from Apocalypse Now to Platoon was inspired by John Traitor Kerry's self serving lies on TV to the whole world in 1971 about what ruthless savages we were. The "crazed Vietnam vet" on so many TV shows and in movies are a direct figment of this turncoats cowardly imagination. I would much prefer to see him tried and convicted for treason. Making this big phony blowhard Secretary Of State was the final spit in the face for Nam vets.

  30. Sgt_J_E_Howard
    Sgt_J_E_Howard Oct 15, 2013

    She lied then, and she continues to lie every day since then. When she dies a painful cancerous death will our comrades rest cmfortably. She is responsible for the deat of hundreds.

  31. Ronsixtyeight
    Ronsixtyeight Oct 17, 2013

    I have never been able to "Hate" a woman, lots of men who are despicable human beings but never a female. Honoi Jane is an exception. Millions of Marines and Soldiers want to just want to throw-up especially when Fonda is given accolades by hollywood or the progressive press. I know very well I am required to "forgive" by my faith, but just can't swing it!!!. Semper Fi!!!

  32. awahilii
    awahilii Dec 31, 2013

    Because of J. Fondas' actions, many suffered unto taking their own lives and others endured years of emotional pain in addition to their Post Traumatic Stress. Fonda will take this to her grave...

  33. DolphinPete54
    DolphinPete54 Feb 27, 2014

    I wouldn't believe Her for a NY Minute!

  34. ohiogunner
    ohiogunner Mar 13, 2014

    We fought for freedom of speech in America. Disagree freely in America using freedom of speech we veterans fought for all to use. But don't go over seas bad mouthing American troops who sacrificed so much by aiding the enemy's cause. You made your bed now sleep in it . Don't make excuses and expect that all is forgiven.

  35. OldOKGrampa
    OldOKGrampa Sep 02, 2014

    US Army Special Forces, mid-60's. You better flag ME as inappropriate, for what I feel towards this person. She didn't talk much about the her screaming buddies that met returnees at the airport.

  36. bobsPHUBAI70_71
    bobsPHUBAI70_71 Jan 18, 2015

    Hanoi Jane was and always will be a TRAITOR....she will die a Traitor to her Country and all Americans who died giving her the freedom to be a Traitor

  37. 30984483
    30984483 Jan 20, 2015

    Jane I hope you go hell like did and you had to live in in vietnam for the rest of your life and not in the city but the bush you will alway be a traitor to me!

  38. 33592068
    33592068 Jan 20, 2015

    I think Jane Fonda is like a lot of the Hollywood actor's they like the freedom the military has given us and that is it. They don't get that these men, woman an there families sacrifice so much for them. I would like to send the her and a bunch more to some hell hole to live at the rest of there miserable life's. She only wants some piece of mind before she dies. Hell No.

  39. 12780301
    12780301 Jun 26, 2015

    She made more then one unforgivable mistake, she didn't like the war thats fine but she had no reason to go to Vietnam and conspire with the enemy. And there she was lauding all the equipment and guns and laughing up a storm. What a hypocrite she is, this is just some kind of PR stunt it means nothing

  40. 34104636
    34104636 Jul 12, 2015

    that bit with Fonda I don't believe. A person I know was given a order from the military to kill that traitor while she was in hanoi It went down to 30 seconds and they aborted the order and ordered him to shoot the general next to her.So many military men still have her in their sights. I hear about t all the time when I go to the VA hospital around the country. she will answer for that which she did to our guys..

  41. 34825154
    34825154 Feb 13, 2016

    This speech does not move me at all. JF is a traitor to this country and should face charges. She has no idea the harm she did! I can't and will never forget what she did. She was the hero of the anti-war citizens. She says she is sorry! She actually adds fuel to the PTSD that I was diagnosed with. So many men killed and she still remains free. Why hasn't she faced charges of being a traitor to this country! If that had been an AWOL military person on that gun, he would have been tried for treason. I am 68 years old now. My wife tells me that I need to forgive JF. Tells me not to hate. I do not hate JF, but I sure as hell don't like her. She needs to be in prison.

  42. viejitoPanzon
    viejitoPanzon Jun 30, 2017

    What she did in Viet Nam had a domino effect. She was a public figure. Her actions were believed as true. A picture is worth a thousand words and the hippies and that jeneration age believe it. WE paid for it there and when we got home. That is why we came home in the dark.

  43. clayusmcret
    clayusmcret Oct 18, 2017

    Jane Fonda didn't make a mistake. She made a choice. Choices have consequences.

  44. afreauff
    afreauff Oct 19, 2017

    Some one said that Jane was at her wits end after a week of almost non stop activities. And she should not be judged because of her lack of choice to act as she did. I am sorry but I worked nonstop for over 12 hrs. prepping RF aircraft that had no guns and only took pictures. If I had failed to do everything right a pilot would have lost his life. OH wait a minute I did this for a year. There were hundreds of us that did that. Then there were the guys under direct fire for more than 12 hrs. at a time and they still had the courage and forethought to respond to helping their fellow soldiers. Her lack of sound judgement continued after she got back to the states and went on many tour and activities degrading our soldiers. No I will not forgive her because she found out that her choices have consequences. She just doesn't like the consequences. To bad she should have thought about that AT THE TIME. We did and we chose to come home and not cause so much of a fuss. But the when our children went to WAR we welcomed them home. WHERE was she then? That may have been a second chance but again she was not there.

  45. 36445436
    36445436 Oct 19, 2017

    She is not sorry, she also did a skit called FTA which put down the military so why should she regret going to N. Vietnam?

  46. 36450729
    36450729 Oct 21, 2017

    Sorry Jane some things are so bad that an apology means nothing, you can't unring the bell.

  47. 22331007
    22331007 Jan 24, 2018

    She was exhausted and an emotional wreck, what about the 20 year old kid just trying to make his DEROS date. She should have been prosecuted as a traitor and hung by the neck until dead.

  48. 35927761
    35927761 Jan 25, 2018

    Hanoi Jane... still a traitor along with JF Kerry and others... NEVER FORGOTTEN! NEVER FORGIVEN!

  49. mike67142
    mike67142 Jan 25, 2018

    Why is this traitor (Hanoi Jane) allowed on this website?

  50. ConsultantInAction
    ConsultantInAction Jan 26, 2018

    Yes, Jane Fonda, did make A VERY REGRETTABLE MISTAKE; She Went to North Vietnam. ... . Her Incomprehensible disgust, she showed for our Fighting Men and Women, during the Vietnam War, suggest to all who served in that Conflict, she will go to her Grave, and Never Be Forgiven . ... . Jane Fonda, You Are A Traitor . ... ! You, Tim Hayden, Bill Ayers, Bernadette Dhorn, Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Susan Rice and Hillary Clinton, are all Traitors. ... .

  51. bcaarms2
    bcaarms2 Jan 30, 2018

    Watch the entire Ken Burns documentary on Vietnam and see if your lists of traitors grows to include a couple of Presidents of the US. Jane Fonda had little influence on the number of deaths in that conflict. Johnson and Nixon on the other hand acted disgracefully. I served in Vietnam as an 11B. I thought at the time that what I was doing meant something. I was wrong. I also thought at least we as a Nation learned a lesson from Vietnam to never send young men to war over a bunch of lies. I was wrong again, and got to serve in two more endless drains of our young soldiers. Easy to focus on Jane Fonda and miss the real message going on right in front of our noses.

  52. ConsultantInAction
    ConsultantInAction Feb 01, 2018

    Hanoi Jane; as described by all of us that served in the Vietnam Theater is; UNFORGIVABLE . ... . When she talks of her "Bad Decision" it was hers, and hers alone. ... . She did what she did, not for Love of Country, not for Political Reasons, or she'd have run for office. ... . No, Hanoi Jane, made a Conscious Decision to Choose the Enemy over our Country. ... . Siding with the Enemy, is Treason and Nothing Less. ... . Now, here we are, over 50 years hence and this Traitor's still walking Free. ... . If she had done something like this, during WW II, she's have been Exiled to some foreign land, as was Charlie Chaplin, an avowed Communist, she should do the same. ... . I have nothing for Hanoi Jane Fonda, she was and is a Traitor, she sided with the Enemy. ... . She Cavorted with the Enemy and for that, her unforgivable acts, should never be Forgotten or Forgiven . ... . In my Eyes and Mind, Hanoi Jane Fonda, will Die a Traitor to her Country and her People. ... . As despicable, as HJF, felt the USA was and is, she still wishes to remain here, hmmm. ... . Odd. ... ? Not Really; AMERICA, IS THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

  53. 36677816
    36677816 Feb 11, 2018

    Jane Fonda made a mistake? Cannot be serious. It's like saying that Hitler did not mean to "hurt" the Jews. There are several other videos were she claims that the American POW's were treated very well that none were ever tortured. There was a group called FTA (some of the members were Jane Fonda, Donald Sutherland, and others). My all time favorite is still John Kerry the war hero.

  54. 34915597
    34915597 Feb 14, 2018

    She should have been hung 45 years ago. Her actions are reprehensible and it upsets me to no end that she is allowed to live in this country, with all it's benefits after what she did. I will dance when she dies.

  55. 36706162
    36706162 Feb 28, 2018

    She is a totally disgrace to America. I was in Viet Nam during those days in Special Forces eating worms for a diet trying to free our captured soldiers. This is an evil women that needs to be in prison. Her excuses is not acceptable. She did this on her on own and I curse her for the rest of my life.

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