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Fifty-two years ago the first U.S. Marines set foot on Vietnamese soil. This marked the start of the American ground war in Southeast Asia. See the video!

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  1. 36018536
    36018536 Mar 18, 2017

    as an old marine. i remember daily at some point someone or some incident in that conflict. it may be just a flash of something on t v or a sound out of the ordinary. i always look for the nearest exit in a building. i don't like being in a crowd. i don't like waiting. i still have problems sleeping at times. vietnam was a nightmare and a brutal experience. saying all that, it was the most exciting rush a human can experience. it was a high that was hard to explain. being a United States Marine was and is the single character challenging event in my life. Semper FI

  2. 27563208
    27563208 Nov 08, 2017

    As I looked back into my family history, I found out that my grandparents came to the USA, from a city that was named Lwow, Poland. Today, the name was changed to Lviv, Ukraine, but the city crest is still the same, and it is still in Latin. It still reads SEMPER FIDELIS. It is like I was meant to be a UNITED STATES MARINE.

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