Battle for Hue: Remembering Vietnam War | Military Original

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Forty-nine years ago the vicious battle of Hue finally came to an end. Check out this video of actual combat footage from the battle.

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  1. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Mar 31, 2017

    I cannot imagian what these men had to endure. Unlike the men who fought in WWII even in Japan and all the islands I do not think you can say they were anywhere close to being the same. The jungle warfare in Vietnam was horrific as we know. The weapons used by the NVC and others were so inhuman but as all are in war. From the Tet on the war must have been so unreal for these young men and maybe some who were in Korea that ended up there. The NVC were dug in so deep that when we initiated Rolling thunder it was a waste of ordnance as far as I'm concerned. I was just a kid, born in 61 and had no idea of what was really going on over there...Playing ARMY in the woods with my friends, Watching TV shows and movies that depicted war as a cool thing for the most part with the US winning all the time. As an adult I will never look at war the same again.

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