Angie Peacock: Wounded Battle

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The Wounded Warrior Project is marking its tenth anniversay with a documentary series about its work. In the episode "Angie,” the program follows Angie Peacock, an Iraq War veteran who gets help for her PTSD from the Wounded Warrior Project and starts a Students Veteran Organization on her college campus.

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  1. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 12, 2013

    She got wounded with what??? A bb?

  2. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 16, 2013

    She didn't get wounded for me. She did it for womens lib.

  3. JRM0919
    JRM0919 Mar 29, 2014

    Well pat62 I'm pretty damn sure she didn't " get " wounded for you , and from your comments I'll safely bet that you have never served . If you have you probably were kicked out with that attitude. A Woman can be as good of a soldier if not better than a male and can be wounded just as easily . I've met a few and I would proudly serve with any of them , but would have serious doubt's about someone like YOU .

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