5 Ships in Stormy Seas

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No matter how big the ship, rough waters should never be taken lightly. Check out these five ships as they contend with the ferocity of stormy seas.

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  1. 32629572
    32629572 May 20, 2015

    In April 1977 aboard the USS Charles F Adams DDG2. We were escorting the USS Saratoga heading for Rota Spain approximately 200 miles out we had a typo the waves busted over the deck of the carrier and wash off two FA 14 fighter planes and three men will stayed in the storm for three days looking for them. They did not even have a chance. The waterline on a carrier is 100 feet to the flight deck and the waves washed fighter planes over. I still like to know what Einstein would put that many men and vessels in harms way while we could very well went around it. We had 28 man with broken arms and legs from taken such a row waves and over half the crew seasick we were rolling 47° we almost lost our guns from the turn. At 49° we would have lost them. And for what. When it comes to mother nature. She will win. She took out our bridge windows and wash our captain G. Q. Lane down the hatchway into the cruise mess decks. That storm caused a lot of damage to our ship we lost ladders lifelines and mean it just unreal the damage that it caused. And for what.

  2. Martyford
    Martyford May 21, 2015

    Cape Hataras,1958. Returning from "Deepfreeze 3",onboard the U.S.S. Brough DE-148. 60' waves for a day! Over on our side,the clinomter maxed! Luckily,no water down the stack. We were diesel. Sure put the fear of God in me. We were traveling alone,so,forget any rescue.It was quite a thrill being on the helm,going down hill,like the Coney Island Cycone! We were only about 185' long. 50' waves were a piece of cake,on the U.S.S. Randolph CVA-15. I served on her from 1955-57. I watched her take the waves over the flight deck like nothing.The expansion plates were busy,though! :))

  3. 28973637
    28973637 May 26, 2015

    Been there, done that USS Neches AO47.

  4. 33967107
    33967107 May 27, 2015

    Only had the honor of riding in a Navy ship Twice. Transporting our chopper squadron from Norfolk to at that time an unknown port. I admire all of our services and the Navy for sure. Also very glad I joined the Army. Capt. Paul D. Lockwood U S Army retired

  5. Joe_Diaz_tn
    Joe_Diaz_tn May 27, 2015

    I experienced this in the North Atlantic on the USS Hawkins, DD-873, '66

  6. echizento1954
    echizento1954 May 27, 2015

    Was aboard the USS Midway in the early 70's, underway way during a Typhoon. The weather was so bad we where taking Green water at the Bridge level 110 feet above the water line. When we returned to Subic the starboard spoons on deck was bent up 45 degrees and Mount 51 was damage along with damage to the bow hull plating. Had some yard work to do when we returned to Alameda.

  7. 33968051
    33968051 May 27, 2015

    In about 1965, I was on the USS Independence - an 1,150 foot aircraft carrier. We were in the North Atlantic near or over the Arctic Circle. No place for man because if you went over the side, there was virtually no hope of rescue before you would have died from hypothermia with water temperature below 32 degrees. As a pilot, even with a dry suit on, you only had about a half-hour. At that time, I was in a F8 Fighter Squadron - VF-62 - www.VF62.org. A friend of mine and I were sitting in the cockpit of an A-3 Skywarrior that was fully chained down (we checked!) amidships. We were watching Mother Nature at her best. With our windshield wipers on, we watched waves easily washing down our flight deck that was 90 feet above the waterline. Simply put, amazing and awe inspiring. Had to be seen to believed that a ship, even a large one, could take on that type of angry seas. Jim "Hoot" Gibson

  8. MWOOD33333
    MWOOD33333 May 27, 2015

    brings back memories, give anything to be there now. cans were a great ride

  9. 33396930
    33396930 May 27, 2015

    I rode out several storms on different ships. The worst was a typhoon on a destroyer. We almost capsized. Jimmy E Cox RMCM(SW) RET

  10. jimbear2
    jimbear2 May 28, 2015

    Been there..USS Shakori ATF-162 55' seas north atlantic enroute Rosth, Scotland 1965 Jim Clark RMC Ret

  11. Rixar13
    Rixar13 May 28, 2015

    Fun → Been there and done that...

  12. 33409931
    33409931 May 28, 2015

    I believe it was 1955 on the USS Ticonderoga in the Med. We had green water washing down the flight deck during a hurricane. We strapped in our bunks and had to wait it out.

  13. sheldonpya
    sheldonpya May 28, 2015

    brought back memories

  14. gmirab
    gmirab May 28, 2015

    Been there, done that: USS Marion County, LST975 & USS Dunn County, LST742.. Not comfortable, whether you were sitting, standing or laying down...My first underway trip, in heavy seas, I was sick for 3 days. Terrible feeling. But, after that experience, I "got" my sea legs...

  15. 24058159
    24058159 May 28, 2015

    Green water over the bow is NO laughing matter! Tons of water can cause MAJOR damage!

  16. 19626077
    19626077 May 28, 2015

    you should check your vids- the carrier NOT the GW- correct id is CV63 USS Kitty Hawk in heavy seas off Australia, on her last trip before being decommissioned.

  17. sky10aero
    sky10aero May 29, 2015

    echizenzo1954 USCG, thanks for comment. believe you're referring to beginning Midway '72-73 cruise on way to Yankee Station NAM when experiencing the sea state between Alameda and Hawaii. Damaged/torn-off sponsons necessitated pulling into Pearl for repairs. Midway went on to win Presidential Unit Citation for that cruise Member AirWing5/CV-41 1971-1973.

  18. Shrouds
    Shrouds May 30, 2015

    Reminds me of a typhoon,in the Pacific .ww 2 aboard aCVE . We lost 40 mm guns, bow of the flight deck was draped over the foc'sl

  19. 33977954
    33977954 May 31, 2015

    4 yrs on an LSD keep every body sea worthy. I can't say I didn't enjoy it. All I remember was "Over all Hatches and gun covers". Especially going thru the north Atlantic in November.

  20. 29527180
    29527180 May 31, 2015

    My story is: After spending nearly 5mos. in a Louisiana civilian shipyard up grading the USS Kankakee AO-39 for another recommissioning. We set out to sea Sept 61 for our new homeport, Newport RI. Never made it as we ran right into hurricane Donna near Wilmington NC. With winds of 140 mph and gust up to 170 mph. We spent 3 days to go 4 miles backwards. After the storm moved north we were able to check our damages. We lost a new Captains gig, mail jeep and one lifeboat.About 75% of a new wooden deck was torn apart. We had two 5" guns that were destroyed and the radar broke off. It looked as if we at war. We were lucky to stay afloat making it through Cape Hatteras is known for taking tankers, plus.We made it to Portsmouth shipyard for extended repairs. I asked and got transfered to newly comm. USS Nitto AE-23. A year later sent to Cuba for the Cuban Missile crisis.

  21. RevRickH1949
    RevRickH1949 Jul 04, 2015

    Many years ago on the same ship as in the first post, USS Charles F Adams DDG-2, we were in STANAVFORLANT for a six month cruise. As one could imagine, we spent some time in the North Atlantic, including steaming between Greenland and Iceland in deep Winter. It was not fun. One of our sister ships, the Barney, has a picture floating around the net in such a storm. About all one can see is the top of the bridge, the aft superstructure and the main deck at the stern. And that was riding relatively level when the shot was snapped. That and the Bay of Biscay were two areas to avoid. We had comms with another can (FRAMed WWII Gearing!) and the circuit just went dead... We heard the ship synching in, and then we saw. WILL CALL YOU WHEN WE SURFACE!

  22. Shrouds
    Shrouds Jul 18, 2015

    In1944in the pacific, I road out a typhoon on a CVE .It was a wild ride. D?Lowry PRC USNAVY (ret)

  23. 34330342
    34330342 Oct 15, 2015

    Been there, done that. The music sucks, and detracts from the subject.

  24. 34489238
    34489238 Nov 23, 2015

    Been there, USS Oriskany CVA34, 1960. What a ride!

  25. 34492295
    34492295 Nov 24, 2015

    Consider the tonnage of the vessels and how the ocean bounces them around like ping pong balls. Another reason why I joined the Air Force.

  26. 32629572
    32629572 Jan 14, 2016

    we was not so lucky storm take out our windows.ussC.F.ADAMS DDG-2

  27. 35401858
    35401858 Oct 06, 2016


  28. 35659873
    35659873 Dec 25, 2016

    I was on the uss peleliu,we had waves over the flight deck it was a good ride w c schultz(dutch)

  29. 36405579
    36405579 Nov 13, 2017

    Try finding some storms from a WW11destroyer. those will leave you with hash marks in your shorts.

  30. 36448695
    36448695 Nov 29, 2017

    In the early 70's I served aboard the USS Ogden LPD5 and experienced many of the same experiences. I wouldn't have had it any other way.

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