Behind the Barrel: Thompson Submachine Gun

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Hosted by Craig Gottlieb, who is famously known as the weapons expert on the hit show Pawn Stars, this series reveals surprising stories behind iconic weapons. In this episode, Craig takes us behind the barrel of the Thompson submachine gun.

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    ELDERLYREPTILE Nov 15, 2015

    Never fired a Thompson (or Tommy Gun, Chicago Type writer, etc). Bet it would have fun. Managed to get myself an M-3A1 Submachine Gun or GREASE GUN while in Vietnam in 1970. That was a lot of fun to fire. If you fired a burst at a level target the barrel would begin to climb up and to the right (about 2 o:clock high). It only fired in full automatic. It wasn't accurate except when you were eyeball to eyeball with the enemy but it sure made noise. When fired it would cause your upper body to rock backward and forward like you were on a tall rocking chair.

  2. MecEngDvr
    MecEngDvr Nov 16, 2015 about splitting hairs. Especially when "assault rifles" are still considered long guns or rifles and the point he was making was that the term "sub-machine guns" was used because the firearm uses pistol ammo as opposed to rifle ammo. And many consider the 223 (or 5.56) is used in many rifle.....not just "assault rifles". either way, it clearly isn't pistol ammo.

  3. 4499124
    4499124 Nov 17, 2015

    Check out the cartoon, "Dick Tracy", 1990, with Warren Beatty and Madonna. Great cast, colors and plenty of Thompson submachinegun shoot outs. Many movies featured Tommy guns in action. Talk about an iconic weapon!

  4. 13705091
    13705091 Nov 17, 2015

    I will never forget my first first firing of The "Tommy" gun in Basic Training in 1943, It nearly jumped out of my hands, climbing almost straight up. It was very heavy for a 140 lb, 18 year old Trainee. Later, in Germany found the German MP 40 and 44 much easier to control.

  5. Sargesgiftshop
    Sargesgiftshop Jan 05, 2016

    I bought one in 1999, I can hit a steel target 12x12 at 100 yds. Super cool weapon

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