M2 Browning | Bullet Points

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Want to know about the M2 Browning? Here’s a couple quick bullet point facts.

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  1. FoolKiller
    FoolKiller Oct 15, 2015

    Nice video, but several of the weapons being fired were not M2s. They weren't even 50 cals...

  2. staff22
    staff22 Oct 20, 2015

    To bad half the videos are not of the ma deuce !!!!!

  3. michaelksmith1970
    michaelksmith1970 Jan 26, 2016

    Lots of clips of M240's and even a MK19 thrown in there. Need to pay attention to what you are doing and have someone knowledgeable participate in the final edit.

  4. badmac933
    badmac933 Feb 27, 2016

    Nice little video. Wish it had shown its role on the rivers in Vietnam. I co-wrote the Browning M2HB course at Dam Neck, VA in 1981, and taught it through 1984.

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