Tip of the Spear: Running the Gauntlet

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Join us on the episode of Tip of the Spear as we watch the USCG-Maritime Security Response Team 'run the gauntlet' at twilight and night.

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  1. strickdbs
    strickdbs Jun 20, 2011

    total waste of money...comming from a coastie.

  2. XJayBM
    XJayBM Jun 21, 2011

    Yup...What a freakin joke!!

  3. 21110217
    21110217 Jun 25, 2011

    Seriously...waist of CG $$. These folks have never been on a real mission...all they do is train for something the CG will not let them do because the service is so risk adverse. Need to leave this type of training the PROs in the other services...and get these jokers back to work in legitimate CG missions (SAR, LE, etc).

  4. 18209225
    18209225 Jul 03, 2011

    Unfortunately to all those mediocre individuals these motivated Coastguardsmen are not jokers, but rather step out of the cookie cutter "joe coastie" stigma and contrary to negative rumors are actually operational. As a former DOD personnel I commend the CG and its Commandant for moving in the right direction with a more robust LE maritime response capability & provide DHS with a maritime crisis response. Its too bad comments and individuals like these have to be the spoilers and unimaginative. As a patriotic tax payer and LE & military supporter my money is not wasted. Just becuase I haven't got into a car accident doesn't mean I waist money in having car insurance. The way I see it,the conventional CG Maritime LE is like my Golden Retriever, its friendly, loves kids, not seen as aggressive, avoids conflict when possible, "may" nip after deliberating long and hard, or take my home's front door and window locks; (conventional CG LE). It does a great job keeping the avg everyday burglar out of my hous(US Waters)But if that doomed soul enters my home armed to do any harm to my family, Sparky nor my busted door locks will cut it. But my "waste" of $$ and 5.56 will be legitimate enough

  5. markardo
    markardo Aug 10, 2011

    Interesting.Testing technology

  6. woody78
    woody78 Aug 22, 2011

    no real mission? those who can't cut it won't hear about them.

  7. LEDETCoastie
    LEDETCoastie Dec 23, 2011

    The gauntlet is an unnecssary and unrealistic weapons drill. Did they make this up or copy it from an existing spec ops team?

  8. 18209225
    18209225 Mar 31, 2012

    @LEDETCoastie, I actually had this 1000 word response for you but decided that if you couldnt see the value in this drill even from an adaptive and non-permissive environment perspective then its a good chance you may be a type of person that probably doesn't dry fire or only likes to shoot rat hole shots on paper becuase you like pretty targets.You comment is generalized and unsupported. Charlie Mike!

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