Coast Guard Birthday Salute

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In honor of the US Coast Guard’s birthday, check out some of their best highlights.

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  1. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Aug 03, 2015

    I would like to thank all the men & women in the Coast guard! They are always working, The people who are Jumpers..Are the ones who jump into cold water to rescue people, They are always there when disaster strikes, Floods, Fire you name it they are out there. Also looking for Drug Runners. And they do a damn good job at that!

  2. 33534110
    33534110 Aug 05, 2015

    at beginning I heard 2 speakers....hard to hear one over the other. otherwise great video, great action! Happy Birthday to a very underrated team of excellent dedicated people

  3. 34037706
    34037706 Aug 08, 2015

    Lou Reda Productions, I full well realize that it's impossible to put 225 years of service to this country in a 90 second spot, but I was disappointed to hardly see any earlier video, especially the dedication during WWII and Vietnam that Coast Guardsmen provided this country during times of war. I find this very disappointing in your presentation of what we did for the red, white and blue. It's more than our small boats patrolling our harbors and waterways looking for life preserver violations and drugs. It was the taking of hostile enemy fire during the Vietnam War that prompt me to respond to this docile presentation of yours. Blood was spilled that can never be forgotten from those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Arlington Cemetery and THE WALL in Washington is the proof of that. Mike Regrut Vietnam Veteran 1968-1969

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