Our Nation's Oldest Military Branch | Two Minute Brief

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For more than 240 years, the U.S. Army has been tasked with protecting and defending our nation.

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  1. Cpl_Agarn
    Cpl_Agarn Jun 12, 2015

    I didn't see anything about the Korean War. I guess that was truly the "Forgotten war".

  2. slick20ret
    slick20ret Jun 12, 2015

    Once again Korea Vets are forgotten. Thanks alot

  3. PLKUSoldier
    PLKUSoldier Jun 13, 2015

    I guess we weren't in Korea

  4. Long_Thrust_VI
    Long_Thrust_VI Jun 14, 2015

    Military.com failed to mention the Army's World War II role in the Pacific Theater of Operations (PTO). Don't forget, we made war on Japan as well as Germany & Italy.

  5. DougDryden
    DougDryden Jun 15, 2015

    Besides the Korea and Pacific oversights, the producer might want to consider that the presence of Marines might be a tad confusing when the subject is supposed to be about the Army.

  6. 34383703
    34383703 Oct 07, 2015

    History is an important saga of all nations,sorry times create and bring lessons learned. No proper human likes war! Everyone does love their country!. So,let us look at some treasurs we love as much as to keep them safe. When a society go to war with another counry because of a number of known reasons. War is everything negative for a positive result. Loss of lives, property, and liberties. The only positive learning is what comes out and into new products, new technology for everyday use in homes, automobles, farming equipnit, simple hand tools, and so much more............S.DeSanto

  7. 27007376
    27007376 Nov 16, 2016

    disappointed as a korean war veteran that once again we're still forgotten it really hurts when we're not even mentioned in a video put out by the Army about the Army and the wars that were fought, shame guys, not to remember the more then 35,000 kia's, 100,000 + wia, and the 8,200 + mia's/pow's

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