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'UFO' on Truck Makes the News

"Residents in Cowley County, Kansas are still talking about a mystery craft, seen being towed down US 77 Monday. Sitting inside Lindly's Appliance Store, Kammi Root is used to seeing large machinery towed down US 77. But what she saw Monday afternoon is something she won't soon forget. A huge 32 foot craft, wrapped in tarp, was as mysterious as the transport company who called Sheriff Don Read for help." It's actually Northrop's X-47B UAV being transported to the east coast.

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  1. FLJuJitsu
    FLJuJitsu Dec 21, 2011

    Looks a lot like the RQ-170 but larger.

  2. 23647637
    23647637 Jan 03, 2013

    ROFL it's a F22 or 35 you can see the shap of the nose..

  3. candoknowhow
    candoknowhow Jan 03, 2013

    I want one. Just to cruise around in.. that'd be pretty kewl.

  4. 32096555
    32096555 Feb 20, 2014

    UFO up on the lube rack at Area 51: What the Hell? Is it ours being built or theirs that we are studying? What’s your guess? More pics at:

  5. 32096555
    32096555 Feb 23, 2014

    Could this be the same UFO? Here it shown at a base on the lube rack:

  6. 32096555
    32096555 Mar 01, 2014

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