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US Navy Tests Anti-Mine Drones in Gulf Drills

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MANAMA, Bahrain - The U.S. Navy is putting underwater drones through wartime-style drills as part of international mine-clearing exercises in the Persian Gulf following similar maneuvers by Iran. The U.S.-led exercises, which began last week, include operations by the unmanned SeaFox devices, which are equipped with sonar and an explosive charg... more

Drone Industry Worries About Privacy Backlash

Drone Base in Works for Persian Gulf

WASHINGTON -- It's a good bet that in the not-so-distant future aerial drones will be part of Americans' everyday lives, performing countless useful functions. A far cry from the killing machines whose missiles incinerate terrorists, these generally small, unmanned aircraft will help farmers more precisely apply water and pesticides to crops, s... more

General Atomics Eyes Gray Eagle Endurance Boost

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This article first appeared in Aviation Week & Space Technology. While the U.S. Air Force was hustling over the past five years to field more Predator and Reaper unmanned air systems to support war operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. Army was developing its Predator-based UAS in relative peace and quiet. Almost exactly five years ago,... more

418 US Military Drones Crashed Since 2001

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More than 400 large U.S. military drones have crashed in accidents around the world since 2001, according to an investigation by The Washington Post, highlighting the dangers posed by the technology. A key weapon in the war on terror, drones look set to become part of America's airspace. Thanks to a law passed in 2012, commercial and law enforc... more

States Vie for Chance to Be Drone Test Site

LOS ANGELES - It's the land where Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier, where the space shuttle fleet rolled off the assembly line and where the first private manned rocketship climbed to space. Capitalizing on Southern California's aerospace fortunes, two rival groups want to add another laurel: drone test range. They face crowded competition... more

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