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From Combat to the Private Sector: 4 Resume Tips

Service member writing in a document.

After leaving the military, many servicemen and women must find their first private-industry job or consider using their combat experience to advance their previous careers. One of the most difficult challenges in making this transition is translating military experience into marketable private-industry skills on your resume. Military experience can be simplified by the following four straightforward principles: 1. Skip the Acronyms Acr... more

Should Veterans List Military References?

Interview resume review.

In early October, as I was sitting on an employer summit panel for Fleet Week at the Marine Memorial Hotel, a question circulated the room about employer references. A commander stood and asked if it was a good idea for transitioning service members to provide references from their military past, and if so, who should they list? The plain and simple answer is that veterans should absolutely list colleagues and superiors from their time in... more

5 Resume Tips from the People Who Read Them

reviewing a resume

Putting your resume together can feel like working out the alchemical formula that turns lead into gold: it's arcane, aggravating, time-consuming, and there's probably no perfect solution. But do not fret: there are many words of wisdom on the subject. If you're scratching your head about best practices, think about your resume from the perspective of the intended audience: HR staff and hiring managers. Inspired by a piece in Time, we've ... more

Use Numbers to Highlight Your Accomplishments

Counseling at a desk.

If you were an employer looking at a resume, which of the following entries would impress you more? Wrote news releases. Wrote 25 news releases in a three-week period under daily deadlines. Clearly, the second statement carries more weight. Why? Because it uses numbers to quantify the writer's accomplishment, giving it a context that helps the interviewer understand the degree of difficulty involved in the task. Numbers are p... more

Cover Letters That Catch the Eye

Writing on a clipboard.

Throw away your form letter. These days, getting your cover letter noticed means getting creative. "A good cover letter can be the difference between getting a job and not getting a job," said Gretchen Hirsch, writing coach and author of Talking Your Way to the Top. "How you stand out, how you tell your story, is with cover letters." Consider these tips from hiring managers and writing coaches: Start Strong News reporters know most people ... more

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