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What Is your Unique Value Proposition?

Interview flyer.

Don't be surprised if at some point you're in a job interview and the job recruiter asks, "What makes you special?" or "Tell me about your personal brand" or even, "What is your Unique Value Proposition". In each of these questions, the recruiter is asking you to differentiate yourself from a sea of candidates who might all look and sound like you. Why would recruiters want you to spell out your uniqueness?  Because most job candidates spend ... more

Interview Tips: Asking Questions

Professional meeting.

Question: In a Technical/Computer interview, what are the best questions to ask? I know salary and benefits are taboo. Answer: Hello Mark, You will be able to adapt this advice to your technical/computer interviews. At some point, usually at the conclusion of the interview, you may be asked, "Do you have any questions?"  A common answer to this question is, "No, I think you've covered everything very well."  This is the wrong ... more

7 Rules for a Successful Interview

Interview handshake.

#1 – Make a Great First Impression First impressions are critical to a successful job interview, and most employers know if you're a good fit within the first several minutes of meeting. Important elements of a first impression include your attire, smile, handshake, eye contact, posture, attitude, communication style, and introduction or elevator speech. Be ready: you only get one chance to make a positive first impression. #2 – Answer... more

10 Common Interview Missteps

Job interview waiting

Not doing well in interviews? It's not uncommon to make a few mistakes. There's plenty of speculation about how to give a good interview, but there are a few definite mishaps that will seriously impair, if not ruin, your chances at getting hired. Inspired by a list from BusinessTech, here are 10 common interview mishaps. 1. Not researching the industry, company, or job opening. Remember the old adage, "no plan survives contact with the ... more

10 Mistakes You Might Be Making in Job Interviews

Job interview in a white office.

As you transitioned out of service, you were likely overwhelmed with all the resume writing courses, job search tools and transition resources available. When interviewing for a job or promotion, your goal as the candidate is to highlight your offer as a benefit for the company and show a direct correlation between your experience (military and non) and the goals of the company. Here are some common mistakes to avoid: 1. Appearing unfoc... more

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