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What Are Your Greatest Strengths and Weaknesses?

Marie is about to interview two candidates for the customer service manager position. Her candidates are Francine and William. As always, she plans to ask about their strengths and weaknesses. Francine answers the question, "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" with, "My strength is that I'm a hard worker. My weakness is that I get stressed when I miss a deadline because someone else dropped the ball." This answer is unimagina... more

3 Things to Never Say in a Job Interview


Much is written about what to say in a job interview: Make small talk with the interviewer, ask about the company’s values, have questions ready about the job responsibilities, etc. Much less is written about the words and phrases to avoid when interviewing for a civilian job. The interview is a series of first impressions. From how you look, sound, express yourself, handle stress, and build rapport, the interview is important for an emp... more

Managing Hollywood Perceptions of Veterans


With less than one percent of Americans having served in the military, most people you will meet are civilians who are not versed in the military culture, language, or rituals. Most civilians do not understand what it took for you to commit your life and your livelihood to military service, do not know firsthand what boot camp or combat feels like, and have not lost a battle buddy in war. Most civilians gain their understanding of milit... more

Should You Wear Makeup to a Job Interview?

woman applying makeup

Question: I’m transitioning from the Air Force in 60 days. During my eight years in service, I never wore makeup. I’ll be pursuing work in human resources for a technology company. Is it necessary to wear makeup to the interview and then on the job? Where can I learn how to apply it correctly? Answer:  During your military career, you were focused on accomplishing goals necessary to completing your mission. I understand that wearing makeup is... more

When Not to Wear a Suit to an Interview


My first jobs out of the military were in the government, a Japanese economic research company, and then with the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. When it came to interviews, it was common sense that I wear a suit to the job interview, and coming from the military, this makes sense. But did you know that sometimes wearing a suit to an interview will likely cost you the job? Knowing what to wear to an interview (or not to wear) can... more

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