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Top 10 Worst Things to Say in an Interview

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Interviews can be intimidating situations – one wrong word might kill your chances at getting hired. Don't fret, do research. Business Excellence put together the top 10 worst things to say during an interview which we've compiled for you below. It's easier than you might think to avoid these missteps, just make sure you take them to heart. 1. My greatest weakness is that I'm a perfectionist. Really? You're greatest weakness is that you... more

Top 6 Interview Blunders

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Job interviews are high-pressure ordeals and can be extremely stressful. To make matters worse, there are a lot of ways you can blow them. The folks at azcentral have come up with six of the most common ways interviews are ruined, and some of them might surprise you. Don't leave things to chance: make sure you have everything on lock down and you are as prepared as you can possibly be. 6. Speaking negatively about your current boss or co... more

Interviewer Mind Vision Goggles

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The job interview is over. You leave the room and put on a pair of Interviewer Mind Vision Goggles (IMVGs) -- special goggles that allow you to see inside the mind of the interviewer, specifically the vision you created there during the interview. What do you see? A blank screen. An indistinct, fuzzy picture; might be you, maybe not. A clear image of you doing the job, but without much or any enthusiasm. ... more

Effectively Describing Your Military Experiences

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When you go into a job interview and you are being asked questions by someone who has never served in the military, it's your responsibility to make the interviewer feel comfortable asking you questions about your overseas experiences. For most of us, our experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan truly define who we are today as leaders and professionals. You have to be able to explain how the experiences acquired overseas will... more

Oprah, Lady Gaga, and Your Job Interview

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Two very different women. Two very different styles and generations. So what do they have in common? Oprah’s message has been clear almost since the beginning of her show – 25 years ago: “Accept yourself for who you are and believe that you can do what you want to do -- live your Best Life.” Lady Gaga’s message may not have always been as clear, but in her latest albums and interviews she seems to be sending a similar message: “Be yours... more

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