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Four Job Interview Mistakes You Should Avoid

veteran at job interview class

When applying for civilian jobs, try to avoid making these common interview mistakes. This article originally appeared on Task & Purpose, a digital news and culture publication dedicated to military and veterans issues. While being invited into a company for a job interview is a great accomplishment, it does not mean you automatically have the job. During an interview, you're making a first impression on hiring managers who may be consideri... more

What is Your Unique Value Proposition?

Interview flyer.

Don't be surprised if at some point you're in a job interview and the job recruiter asks, "What makes you special?" or "Tell me about your personal brand" or even, "What is your Unique Value Proposition". In each of these questions, the recruiter is asking you to differentiate yourself from a sea of candidates who might all look and sound like you. Why would recruiters want you to spell out your uniqueness?  Because most job candidates spend ... more

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

On the phone. Photo by Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Piper/Army

More and more, employers are requesting phone interviews with job candidates before they bring them in to meet in person. This allows employers to ask pertinent questions, assess behavioral temperament, and evaluate personality and character before they commit to a face-to-face meeting. While it might seem easier to do a phone interview – you don't have to dress up! – applicants often find the challenges of not meeting in person and get... more

6 Critical Tips for Informational Interviews

Interview at a job fair.

Before you print your resumes and fill out online applications, there’s an important step most job seekers miss: doing informational interviews. The informational interview is not a first date, job interview, or media query. Informational Interviews are meetings you initiate with people to inquire about and extract data, insight, and information about a company, career, or industry you are interested in pursuing. An Informational Interv... more

Study the 10 Most Common Interview Questions

Professionals discussing at desk.

No two interviews are ever the same. Every hiring manager will ask different questions and conduct the interview in different ways. But, some questions are nearly ubiquitous to the interview process. To help prepare, Alison Doyle has compiled a list of the 10 most common interview questions which we've collected for you below. All servicemembers know the importance of planning, and job interviews are no different – know the questions, pr... more

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