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American Commercial Lines is committed to keeping our country on the move by safely transporting commerce on our inland waterways, and we take pride in employing those who have served our nation with honor. We offer a multitude of career opportunities in which military veterans are able to transition their hard-earned experience and excel in an environment that encourages both career and personal growth.

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American Commercial Lines (ACL) is a leading barge transportation provider and manufacturer with a fleet of approximately 1,900 barges and 100 towboats and a team of approximately 2,300 dedicated employees. We operate the nation's second largest liquid barge fleet and the fourth largest dry barge fleet. Our manufacturing division, Jeffboat, is the second largest barge builder in the U.S. Since 1915, ACL has been transporting the building blocks of our nation on the inland waterways, including petroleum, coal, liquid chemicals, grain, and steel. Powered by our people and the evolving needs of our customers, we are on course for the future.

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