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Military Transition

Medics Bring Their Military Experience to New Orleans

New Orleans EMS

Veterans are applying their military training to communities that have a history of violent—often deadly—crime. When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, Scott Higgins had just finished training to be a paramedic in the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division. So the Army sent him to help people in New Orleans for two weeks. Eventually Hig... more

Pride and Humility: Transitioning out of the Warfighter Elite

Airmen transition to businessmen.

Most will never forget the moment they earned the right to wear the uniform.  Hollywood mimics it, children look up to it, and this nation celebrates those in uniform.  The past 13 years of war haven given new meaning to military service as the modern generation of warfighters have been able to write their own chapter in America's history.  ... more

Find a Mentor while Seeking Civilian Employment

Job interview waiting

It can be disheartening once you have exited the military and find yourself as a veteran in the civilian world. You may miss that brotherhood that comes with being in the military, and the way in which everyone watched out for everyone. When looking into civilian employment, you may feel as though you are tackling this hurdle on your own, bu... more

Communicating with Management about Your Service

Business meeting.

It is remarkable to consider that such a remarkably small percentage of the American population have ever served in the military.  In previous generations where the draft was present, a broader section of society experienced the sacrifice of serving.  However, as the Vietnam generation ages, more and more civilian leadership is consisting of... more

Best Cities for Job-Seeking Veterans

Business team smiling.

Finding a job in the civilian world can be stressful and chaotic. Whether you've spent two years serving or are about to retire, the civilian job market is exceptionally unstructured compared to the regimented lifestyle the U.S. military provides. Some will have a plan of action well before they leave, but many others will plunge in without c... more

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