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Military Transition

5 Tips to Help Your Service Member Transition Out


Last September, we learned my husband would be out of the Marine Corps on Dec. 1. I should add that my husband was newly home from Afghanistan and we had a newborn. It wasn't exactly great timing. Hubs had never had a civilian job before, and it wasn't the best time for us to think about me going back to work full time either. However inconv... more

How to Make the Most of Life in the Reserves

Navigating family life while you're also navigating weekend-warrior military life can bring its own set of challenges that even a former active-duty family like ours can find challenging.

I like being a Reserve family. My garage is filled with camouflage helmets and ammo cans and a more-contained version of the same things that used to chock up our whole house back when we were active duty. A very sun-stained Marine Corps flag hangs proudly outside our house. And my husband, whose day job is now in the very un-Marine world ... more

Successful Vets Talk Struggles, Triumphs of Transition

Newspaper job search.

When it comes to the military transition, the thought of moving into a completely new career with a different structure and people who might not understand your experiences can be daunting.  A lot of service members come out of the military unsure of what they plan to do next, whether they've been in for three years or 30. But if you get the rig... more

Should Veterans List Military References?

Interview resume review.

In early October, as I was sitting on an employer summit panel for Fleet Week at the Marine Memorial Hotel, a question circulated the room about employer references. A commander stood and asked if it was a good idea for transitioning service members to provide references from their military past, and if so, who should they list? The plain an... more

The Basics of Job Hunting and Personal Finance


During recent discussions with several recruiting and human resources professionals, I was reminded of some of the most important elements of a successful career transition strategy, including: The need for flexibility.  While the economy has added more jobs in the past several years, there are still at least 17 million people active... more

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