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Military Transition

Study Shows Writing Courses Aid Transition

A recent study of nearly 1,300 returning veterans reporting reintegration problems has found that those who completed online expressive-writing sessions showed more improvement than peers who had not written at all or who had engaged only in factual writing. The effects of the intervention, which involved four 20-minute writing sessions, were sm... more

Military Transition Programs Must Adapt Despite Improved Job Market

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Separating troops and veterans are finding it easier to get jobs but the demand on the revamped transition programs of the military will only increase as the services downsize. The vast majority of active-duty troops going into civilian life gave a thumbs up to the Transition Assistance Programs (TAP) but "we must continue to work with fede... more

Should Veterans List Mlitary References?

Interview resume review.

In early October, as I was sitting on an employer summit panel for Fleet Week at the Marine Memorial Hotel, a question circulated the room about employer references. A commander stood and asked if it was a good idea for transitioning service members to provide references from their military past, and if so, who should they list? The plain an... more

3 Ways Social Media can Help Vets Make the Civilian Transition

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During a recent briefing with transitioning airmen, I asked participants to tell me what their biggest fears were. They responded: positioning themselves for civilian employment and using social media. From my point of view, these go hand in hand—mastering the latter can help you achieve the former. It's true that veterans tend to be at a compe... more

Military Veterans: 5 Secrets to Help You Transition to a Civilian Job

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You're leaving the military and you've got your marching orders: Find a job in the civilian workforce.  Get ready for a tough mission. While the employment situation for vets has improved over recent years, it's still harder out there for you than it is for your non-military peers. According to the Monster/ Veteran's Talent Index,... more

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