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Military Transition

Veteran Entrepreneur Profile: Rex Caswell

International business, time, globe, and professionals.

Can you talk about your Navy background, and some of the skills you acquired in the Navy that have helped you in your civilian career? I served seven years in Naval Aviation stationed at Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida. I belonged to a squadron assigned to search and track Soviet submarines in the Mediterranean and off the east coast o... more

Female Soldier-Only Transition Workshop Focuses on Gender Differences

Dani Ticktin-Koplik, a professional image consultant, teaches a group of about 40 female soldiers during a transition assistance class at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. (Photo:

FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky -- A two-day, women's only program conducted here this week is looking to guide female soldiers through their transition to civilian life, despite a militarywide effort to no longer differentiate between men and women in the services. The event, sponsored by Operation Reinvent, was held on Fort Campbell and supported by ... more

Finding a Mentor Who is Right for You

two federal employees

Most service members and veterans understand the importance of having a mentor in their corner. Mentors can provide honest feedback and give mentees the tools they need to work toward their goals, whether they involve being promoted to a higher rank, transitioning to a civilian career or even earning an MBA degree. Millennials are particularly ... more

Famous Veteran: Tom Selleck

Tom Selleck

Raised by hardworking parents, Tom Selleck learned the values of the U.S. military from an early age. The lessons bestowed by his mother and father guided his development as an actor, veteran, and man of integrity. Selleck was born in Detroit, Michigan, but his father's dissatisfaction with carpentry led him to move his family to California ... more

Veteran Hiring: A Good Business Decision

U.S. Army Reserve soldiers attending attend a job fair at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in July 2014. (C. Terrell Turner/U.S. Army)

Anyone who has transitioned from military service to the civilian sector in the past few years knows the employment landscape has fundamentally changed. Global interconnectivity, free trade, increased access to ideas and information and a relentless focus on quarterly results have altered life at work, transformed the art of career building, rec... more

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