Military Transition

Transition Advice: Interview with Allison Hickey


Air Force Brigadier General (retired) Allison Hickey is a leader worth looking up to as a female role model. She works hard and has no problem keeping up with the men. During her time in the military, she took care of her family and advanced her career without losing her femininity. I like to consider her a combination of Grace Kelly and GI... more

Use Your GI Bill to Snag These Top Entry Level Jobs

College Graduatoin

Exiting the military, veterans may already have their college degree or they have access to the GI Bill. Either way, there is no excuse for a veteran to not have a college degree when entering the job market. Often your first experience with the job market might be with entry-level jobs, unless the job you are pursuing is directly related... more

Report Looks at Veteran Transition

A new report by the RAND Corporation sifts through a wealth of studies it conducted over the last decade to highlight findings about veterans' transition and reintegration. The report, Ten Frequently Asked Questions About Veterans' Transitions, found that veterans succeed in the work force and earn more than civilians. The report also found that... more

Sebastian Junger's Draft Proposal: Service with Non-Military Options

President Kennedy greets Peace Corps workers in 1961. Junger argues that mandatory national service with military and non-military options could build a more cohesive society. (White House photo/Abbie Rowe)

For American service members, coming back from war can be its own form of psychological trauma. That's a theory advanced by acclaimed author and war journalist Sebastian Junger in his recently published book, "Tribe: On Homecoming and Belonging." Best known as the co-creator of gritty Afghanistan war documentaries "Restrepo" and "Korengal" and... more

10 Steps to Make Your Resume a Job Magnet


When looking for a job, you have to remember that potential employers have no way of possibly knowing all of the amazing quirks and accomplishments that make up who you are. There is no way to convey all of that in a resume, so you must sell them on the version of yourself that are able to present. Your resume is not simply a list of everyt... more

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