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Is the Transition Process More Difficult for Some Veterans?


Is the military transition process more difficult for some veterans? According to data being collected by a group of veterans, the answer to this question is yes.  "Almost half of the veterans we've surveyed claim their transition into the civilian workforce was 'more difficult' than expected," says Brian Niswander, an Air Force veteran, Re... more

Transitioning From the Army

Here are several tips if you are transitioning from the Army in the next couple of years: (1) attend a Soldier for Life-Transition Assistance Program (SFL-TAP) job assistance workshop; (2) start networking with relatives, friends and acquaintances to let them know you will looking for a job; (3) decide what you might want to do and where you mig... more

Breaking into Military Advising in Hollywood

Veteran jobs

Service members exiting the military sometimes find their career plans include Hollywood, and see military advising as a potential inroad. Advising on the set of movies or television can be incredibly hard to break into on its own, but can be incredibly rewarding. Regardless of whether a veteran sees an advisor role as the ultimate goal or a... more

Employers: Discuss How You Live Your Values With Veteran Candidates

U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson

Often, when I talk with transitioning service members about their concerns around the civilian workforce, they tell me that they worry businesses don’t have the same values as the military. In many cases, they are right. Business is driven by many motives, including profitability, social impact, scalability, and talent management, to name a few... more

Tips for Resumes that Get Noticed


In a civilian job interview, your goal is to make yourself interesting to the interviewer, to set yourself apart from the competition, and make the hiring manager feel, "This candidate is a great fit for our company!" To give yourself the best chance for success, your resume should follow these strategies: 1. Start with the WHY The most co... more

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