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from USS Canopus - AS 34

Total Reunions: 4

USS Canopus 2012 Reunion

Crewmembers that served on the AS-34 and AS-9, and supporting Marine detachments, SUBRONs, ARDMs, AS... Read more

Posted on 19 Mar 12, 10:7:11 PM by Richard Retin2

USS Canopus 2011 Reunion

We will be honoring our best shipmates, Our Sweethearts, by visiting Niagara Falls. We will also wa... Read more

Posted on 21 Jan 11, 10:52:54 PM by Richard Retin2

USS Canopus Association

Go to Association website, www.usscanopus.org, for the Reunion Information Package.... Read more

Posted on 12 Feb 10, 10:18:28 PM by Richard Retin2

USS Canopus 2009 Valley Forge Reunion

See website, www.usscanopus.org, for details and for registration form.... Read more

Posted on 13 Apr 09, 7:51:38 PM by Richard Retin2

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