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from USS Capodanno - FF 1093

Total Reunions: 5

USS Capodanno Association

This reunion will be our 6th. It is open to all crew members from Pre-Com to Decom. Come and re-v... Read more

Posted on 30 Mar 07, 3:4:56 PM by David Campbell

USS Capodanno Association

We are holding "OUR 5th" Reunion in VB, for more information please contact us or sign onto, registe... Read more

Posted on 31 May 06, 3:4:37 PM by David Campbell

USS Capodanno Reunion

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Posted on 28 Jul 04, 12:7:28 AM by Michael Ryder

USS Capodanno FF-1093

Hotel set up, now is the time to call to make reservations. Room are $119 or $159 for ocean front. ... Read more

Posted on 4 Mar 01, 10:19:5 AM by Michael Ryder

uss capodanno ff-1093

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Posted on 11 Sep 00, 4:44:26 PM by Michael Ryder

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